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May Bumps 2019 – Friday

Crew Wednesday Thursday Friday
M1 +1 (Queens') +1 (Jesus) row-over
W1 row-over +1 (Trinity Hall) -1 (Trinity Hall)
W2 -1 (Clare Hall) -1 (Lucy Cavendish II) -1 (Queens' III)
M2 -1 (Pembroke III) row-over row-over

Full race reports to follow soon.… Continue Reading

May Bumps 2019 – Thursday

A very successful day for KCBC resulted in W1 and M1 bumping, M2 rowing over, and unfortunately W2 getting bumped. Full race reports will follow shortly.

Crew Wednesday Thursday
M1 +1 (Queens') +1 (Jesus)
W1 row-over +1 (Trinity Hall)
W2 -1 (Clare Hall) -1 (Lucy Cavendish II)
M2 -1 (Pembroke III) row-over
M1 celebrating yet another victorious day of bumps.

M1: Bumped Jesus

Written by Kozzy Voudouris

The second day of bumps needed M1 to put out something special. Jesus were our target, and we knew we could get them. Our warm up focussed us in, we were hungry. We revelled in the challenging gusty conditions.… Continue Reading

May Bumps 2019 – Wednesday

A mixed start to May Bumps 2019 lead to a bump from M1, close row-over from W1, who came within half a length of Trinity Hall W1, and both second boats being bumped.

Crew Wednesday
M1 +1 (Queens')
W1 row-over
W2 -1 (Clare Hall)
M2 -1 (Pembroke III)

W1: Row-over

Written by Martha Crass (Capt.)

The weather may have been pretty abysmal, but we were ready to take on our first race of the week and show both Trinity Hall, and the lashing rain, what we were made of. We knew that in order to reclaim our rightful position in Division 1, we had to bump up, which would then give us the chance to row as sandwich boat at the bottom of the next division.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2019 – Saturday

On the final day of this year's Lent Bumps, KCBC had a very successful day, with bumps for M1 and M2, and row-overs for W1 and W2. Well done to all crews who took part, from both King's and the other colleges, and especially to those who competed in Bumps for the first time!

Having made a name for themselves in both Mays 2018 and Lents 2019, our first men's boat end the week in 12th position, coincidentally the same position they will be starting Mays next term. The first women's boat end the week at the top of the second division, one above their start position next term.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2019 – Friday

Past the half-way point of this year's Lents, Friday saw row-overs from M1, W1 and M2, and W2 bumped by Newnham III.

Aggregate results after Friday:

M1+4day off+3 (Girton)+1 (Queens')row-over
W10-1 (Fitz)day off+1 (Lucy Cavendish)row-over
W2-5-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)day off-1 (Newnham III)
M2-2-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)row-overrow-over

M1: Row-over

Written by Neil Paul

Day 3 of Bumps for M1 has been another dramatic one. Today we were chasing Trinity Hall, who were chasing Clare. After seeing Queens' gain on Trinity Hall off the start yesterday, we were confident that we could catch Trinity Hall.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2019 – Thursday

After a mixed start to KCBC's bumps campaign, Thursday set things firmly back on track, with bumps by both of our first boats, a row-over by M2 and a day off for W2.

Aggregate results after Thursday:

M1+4day off+3 (Girton)+1 (Queens')
W10-1 (Fitz)day off+1 (Lucy Cavendish)
W2-4-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)day off
M2-2-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)row-over

W1: Bumped Lucy Cavendish

Written by Amanda McHugh

W1 celebrating after a well-deserved bump on Lucy Cavendish

After a day off the water, W1 were back and ready fight, with only two options: bump or be bumped.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2019 – Wednesday

After a disappointing start yesterday, M1, M2, and W2 took to the water, aiming to make up for yesterday's bumps. W1 had their rest day today, and will return to the river tomorrow, hoping to regain their position in the first division after an unfortunate start to their campaign.

Aggregate results after Wednesday:

M1day off+3 (Girton)
W1-1 (Fitz)day off
W2-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)
M2-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)

M1: Over-bumped Girton

Written by Matt Else

M1 rowing back after a successful race (Photo by Will Miller)

M1 rowed last, surrounded by fast crews, chasing Magdalene and being chased by Emmanuel, at station 17 in the first division.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2019 – Tuesday

Yesterday, on Tuesday, three of King's Lent crews: W1, W2 and M2 began their campaigns, with M1 starting with a rest day. Individual race reports follow below:

W1: Bumped by Fitzwilliam

Written by Amanda McHugh

Kitted out with matching sunglasses and purple war paint, King’s W1, the majority of whom had never actually done bumps before, were ready to take on the Cam and row over in glorious fashion (rumour has it that if you all have co-ordinating kit on you get a second off your split). After what seemed like an age, and a couple of questionable renditions of Total Eclipse of the Heart, we were ready to row up to our station and row over the whole course.… Continue Reading

University Fours 2018

M1: [Bow] Alistair Goodman, [2] Stan Szymanowicz, [3] Adam Townson, [Str] Neil Paul, [Cox] Matthew Else, [Coach] Will Miller, [Boat] New Empacher 4+

Result: Winners – Men’s Coxed Four (First Division)

Following on from a successful campaign in May Bumps in which M1 went up three, we returned at the start of Michaelmas hungry for more success. However, with a surprisingly low number of sign ups, we decided to focus on doing well in the four, especially with our brand-new Empacher waiting to grace the water for the first time. After a two year absence from the boat club, Will Miller made a grand return as the coach of our four.… Continue Reading