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Fairbairn Cup 2015 – King’s Alumni ‘MLegend’

Enthusiasm for the Fairbairn cup amongst KCBC alumni was at an unprecedented level this year and before Chris Braithwaite could even begin his annual grooming of recent graduates the 2012/13 M1 crew decided to reunite.

So it came about that on the evening of Thursday 3rd December, as the current M1 finalised their mental and nutritional preparation for the culmination of a hard term, several early-career professionals and PhD students turned up and interrupted them with outdated banter fuelled by whiskey and observations of unwanted weight gains.

‘MLegend,’ as they arrogantly dubbed themselves, had a combined rowing experience of decades as well as first division blades (and spoons), university medals, HRR qualifications and Paddy’s achievements back in M2.… Continue Reading

Bedford Eights and Fours Head – King’s W1

As this was the first-off Cam race for much of the crew, and one of our first at all together as the Lent W1 squad, there was an air of great excitement as we set off to Bedford on the Sunday morning. After remembering that we needed to bring blades with us, and managing to correctly catch the coach to Bedford, we made it in good time to assemble the boat and eat our usual pre-race banana fuel up. The weather was cool but sunny and we had a leisurely paddle up to the start line, which gave us a change to familiarise ourselves with the course and the various bridges and markers to guide us en-route.… Continue Reading

WEHoRR – King’s W1

For many of us in W1, WeHoRR was the first time we had ever rowed on the Tideway, which was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Our host boat club, Vesta, was near the finish so we had a semi-leisurely paddle to the start which allowed us all to become familiar with course. Marshalling was a slow process and which wasn’t helped by a freak five minute hailstorm which momentarily blinded the cox! But after a morning of cloud and the occasional shower when it was finally our turn to spin and race, the sun had come out. After a rolling start beneath Chiswick Bridge we crossed the start line at a maintainable 34 strokes/minute.… Continue Reading

Robinson Head – King’s W3

In true W3/4 style (thanks to an impressively keen novice to seniors conversion rate), our race crew line up was an excited amalgamation of our 14-person strong pool of rowers in a previously untested format – and this was even before the addition of our definitely-not-stolen-from-Caius cox. Our first time rowing together as a crew combined with an uncontested unanimous admiration of the sheer stunning beauty of our newly purchased lycra (and a less sarcastic appreciation of rowing in a different boat to usual) to make us all hopeful that our first race as seniors would continue the trend of positive firsts.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2016 – Saturday

W1 – Bumped by Homerton
We rowed up to the marshalling point not knowing what to expect from Homerton. Whilst being another one of Lucy’s victims on their way to blades and the first division, Homerton also had a very quick bump on Selwyn on their record. We waited at the marshalling point for longer than expected as the M3 division before us had to rerow due to Churchill M2’s ejector crab. Since the division was running late, we didn’t get to do a practice start on our row up to the station. This didn’t worry us, as our start had already proved to be better than those of any of the crews we raced this week.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2016 – Friday

W1 – Bumped by Lucy Cavendish/Hughes Hall
W1 rowed down to the start on Friday knowing we were in for a tough row. With a Lucy-Hughes crew behind us who were on for Blades, we knew we would have to give it everything to try for a quick bump on Magdalene before they could catch us. We had a strong start and quickly wound it up and settled to a solid rate 36, pushing away from the Lucy crew behind us. As we rounded First Post corner, we had closed the gap on Magdalene to about a length, but at this point Lucy found their rhythm and began to gain on us.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2016 – Thursday

W1 – Rowed over
After a very strong row from W1 chasing Tit Hall on Tuesday which resulted in us rowing over, Tit Hall went on to bump Magdelene down meaning they were our next opponents for our 2nd race of Lent Bumps. Bumping Magdelene and, in turn, gaining our first bump of the week was certainly within our reach so we went in with confidence that we could do this.

We got off to a great start, narrowing Magdelene’s lead to a mere half a length within the first minute or so, reflecting our strong start. Roger and our fabulous bank party shouted enthusiastically from the bank, and we heard the sound of the horn, confirming our threat to Maggie.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2016 – Wednesday

M1 – Bumped by Robinson
The plan was split up in two parts. Firstly, we would have to get away from Robinson, whom we knew to be fast of the start. Secondly, coming out of Grassy, we had to lift onto a strong rhythm to then grind down Peterhouse.

The warm up was very promising; winding up to 46 for our practice start and some solid steady state set us up very confidently of the start. Once the cannon went, an airstroke or two led to a slightly rocky start but we settled in at a fast and sharp pace regardless.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2016 Summary

Crew Wed Thu Fri Sat Overall Final Position
M1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4 13th in Division 1
W1 0 0 -1 -1 -2 4th in Division 2
M2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4 5th in Division 4
W2 0 +1 +1 0 +2 13th in Division 3

M1: [Bow] Kittiphat ‘Am’ Chanthong, [2] Hrutvik Kanabar, [3] Joe Gaffney, [4] Daro Nahksbande, [5] Adam Townson, [6] Neil Paul, [7] Chris Jones, [Stroke] Olivier Sluijters, [Cox] Will Miller, [Coach] Chris Smith, [Boat] Adrian Cadbury.

M2: [Bow] Henry Roberts, [2] Kaamil Shah, [3] Hamish Ungless, [4] Joshua du Plooy, [5] Jacob Toop-Rose, [6] Aleksei Opacic, [7] Lewis Couch, [Stroke] Fraser Alcock, [Cox] Charles Connor, [Coach] Chris Braithwaite, [Boat] Turing Machine.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2016 – Tuesday

W1 – Rowed over 2nd in Division 2
The first race of lents saw W1 ready to fight for the bump. We had a strong start which saw us gain quickly on Trinity Hall in front, all in the boat surprised to hear how quickly Roger began to call that we were close. Although Selwyn’s start was strong, as warned, it wasn’t strong enough. Although close to a bump on the last corner before the reach we didn’t quite manage it. Trinity Hall, Kings and Selwyn powered down the reach. We managed to keep Selwyn at bay despite a few missed strokes and gave Tit Hall a run for their money until the end.… Continue Reading