Kingston Head – 22nd March 2014

With only one outing together as a crew before this race, we knew we were slightly up against it to produce our best performance, but given that most of the crew have a fair amount of experience of rowing this stretch of river we were at least familiar with the course which undoubtedly helped us through the race. Boating from Walbrook meant that we had the entire length of the course to warm up, though this was somewhat to our cost as a cruiser went past and half filled our boat with water! Thankfully we managed to bail most of the water out during marshalling and were ready to go, only to be held up by an incompetent Vesta crew two boats ahead of us.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2014 – Summary

Crew Wed Thu Fri Sat Overall Final Position
M1 0 +1 0 +1 +2 12th in Division 1
W1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4 16th in Division 1

M1: [Bow] Andre Thunot, [2] Tom Watson, [3] JT Baird, [4] Conor Burgess, [5] Fletcher Williams, [6] Neil Paul, [7] Craig Lambert, [Stroke] Paddy Buchanan, [Cox] Will Miller, [Coach] Chris Smith, [Boat] Adrian Cadbury.

W1: [Bow] Nicoletta Knoble, [2] Viv Yang, [3] Ellie Archer, [4] Vanessa Tyler, [5] Kate Erin, [6] Marijne Mak, [7] Sophie Harrington, [Stroke] Ellie Re’em, [Cox] Phil Smith, [Sub] Felicity Eperon, [Coach] Roger Thorogood, [Boat] Leo Sharpston.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2014 – Saturday

M1 – Bumped Clare!

We went into the final day of bumps knowing that, most likely, the Clare crew in front of us would bump out at some point along first post reach on a pedestrian Girton boat ahead of them so the plan was simple: hold off Robinson over the course and maybe have a go at an overbump… As with all things this week, it didn’t quite go to plan, but for once the luck was very much with us.

Off the start it was as fast and lively as it had been all week, but like yesterday Clare had an absolute flyer of a start, again gaining their first whistles after we had taken 5 strokes!… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2014 – Friday

W1 – Bumped by Peterhouse

So today was another funky one… We rowed down feeling ok about ourselves. We had been unlucky over the past couple of days with unfortunate incidents. We decided today was going to be different. Our practice starts were rapid, we were rating in the high thirties and were confident we would gain in the beginning and get the desired row over.
The canon went and we had an awesome start getting whistles on Murray Edwards. But as we were coming under the bridge, we were affected badly by the outflow and danger crabs flew here and there.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2014 – Thursday

M1 – Re-row of Wednesday with Robinson chasing

Much to our annoyance, the Chief umpires had decided that Robinson had been close enough to us yesterday when the stoppage occurred to grant them another opportunity to race against us. Whilst we could have let this frustration get the better of us, we used it as motivation to push off a Robinson boat we had seen drop off us on the previous day.
Rowing down to the start we felt strong and relaxed – comfortably hitting rates in the high 40s off our practice starts, and moving really nicely together. We were being set off from top station, so knew that our race plan would be slightly different from the previous days given the proximity of the corners to the start.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2014 – Wednesday

M1 – Result to be decided by re-row on Thursday

Nerves were running high on the first day as M1 set off from the Boat House. We knew we should be able to catch St. Catharine’s in front of us, but the question was if we could do so before they hit Tit Hall. Rowing up to the start, our paddling was decent and we had a great start in front of the plough. We span, pulled in and got ready to race. Off the start, everything was pretty bumpy, but we held everything together and started moving up on Catz.… Continue Reading

Newnham Short Course – 1st February 2014

W1 – 6th of 20 first women’s boats – 10:29

Thankfully by the time of the race W1 was back to its full crew with a full recovery from last week’s unfortunate ceilidh injury. Undeterred by last week’s Winter Head2Head results, we were ready to set the record straight. But if we though last week’s steam was tough, little could prepare us for what the Cam had in store for us this time. Parking to marshal was challenging enough as we were met by a myriad of boats all at the mercy of the Cam’s unrelenting stream. Indeed after what seemed like an eternity of backing it down and some clever maneuvering by Phil we were finally parked and in prime position to watch the ensuing carnage reminiscent of bumps.… Continue Reading

Winter Head to Head – 25th Jan 2014

M1 – 3rd fastest crew of the day

A quick warm up and the inevitable delays caused by the temporary traffic lights were all M1 had time for before pulling in to marshall at the top of the first division. The crew was confident, but we were all aware that this was only our third time together as a crew. Nevertheless, with a surprisingly strong stream helping us along, we started strong, winding right up and above our race pace. We were perhaps a tad keen and took a while to settle onto a cruising rhythm, but once we did the boat really flew around the corners and on to the motorway bridge to mark the end of the first leg.… Continue Reading

Website Upgrades

Many changes to the website are currently taking place, so please bear with me as I make these improvements. Things may look odd or not work correctly for the next week or so, but I’ll endeavour to keep the site up and accessible whilst stuff is changing. It should come out of the changes much better for it!… Continue Reading

University IVs 2013

Monday – First IV beat Emma I by 26s
Emma were taking a long time to get ready on the start, whilst we were straight into position with some expert coxing from Will. Unfortunately, by the time they were eventually ready, we’d been blown towards the far bank, and the umpire proceeded to set us off at an angle. Despite this, the start was great and the crew settled into a good rhythm, holding Emma off comfortably. Around the first corner everything went well, but somewhere between the gut and the plough the rudder managed to snag some debris and started to cause problems for Will.… Continue Reading