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Women’s Eights Head of the River Race 2015

W1 — 206th overall, 24:00.7
It was an early start for the crew, heading down to London for our first experience on the Tideway. After having our division cancelled in the previous year, we were looking forward to finally getting a chance to row on the Thames. Paddling down to marshall, we warmed up and got used to the choppier waters— very different from what we were used to on the Cam! As we passed the start line, the crew wound it up to a steady rate 32, getting off to a strong start. It was quickly evident that we were gaining on the crew in front of us, getting into position for an overtake.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2015 – Summary

Crew Wed Thu Fri Sat Overall Final Position
M1 +1 +1 +1 0 +3 9th in Division 1
W1 -1 -1 -1 0 -3 2nd in Division 2
M2 0/0 0/0 -1 +1/0 0 1st in Division 4

M1: [Bow] Kittiphat “Am” Chanthong, [2] Fletcher Williams, [3] Chris Jones, [4] Jack Wright, [5] Conor Burgess, [6] Olivier Sluijters, [7] Conor Bacon, [Stroke] Lachlan Jardine, [Cox] Will Miller, [Coach] Chris Smith, [Boat] Adrian Cadbury.

W1: [Bow] Sophie Harrington, [2] Hana Lewington, [3] Niamh Mulcahy, [4] Vanessa Tyler, [5] Christina Woolner, [6] Phoebe Thompson, [7] Ellie Archer, [Stroke] Antoanela Siminiuc, [Cox] Colette Bane, [Coach] Roger Thorogood and Mike Arnold, [Boat] Leo Sharpston.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2015 – Saturday

W1 – Rowed Over
Excited for the final day of Bumps, and determined not to get the spoons that were looming on the horizon, W1 had a good row down. It was pretty windy, which meant that there was some trepidation about the corners – tight or wide? Our cox dealt with the corners deftly, but Homerton were not so lucky. They were bumped out by our boat-house-buddies Selwyn around the corners, giving us a little breathing space. Our hopes of bumping Trinity Hall still seemed plausible, we had everything to row for. But at the Reach, Trinity Hall came into their own, and pulled away from us.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2015 – Friday

M1 – Bumped Christ’s
Day three saw us up against Christ’s who we knew would put a fight. If we were to bump them, we would have to go out hard, take the race to them, and make the bump happen. We did. After an aggressive start and a slightly altered start sequence (as we were now starting a lot closer to the motorway bridge) we lifted up onto an attacking rhythm, using the images of Girton closing in on us from the previous day as inspiration. The boat was moving well with catches going in sharply, but we were riding on some seriously choppy water, churned up by the closest few crews in front.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2015 – Thursday

M2 – Rowed over Head of Division 4 and Sandwich Boat
It was a long day for M2 again, rowing as the sandwich boat for the second time. In our first race we had to stay ahead of Fitz, who had bumped Robinson yesterday – the pressure was on. A great start let us easily pull ahead of the boats behind and swiftly through the calm water, enjoying one of the smoothest races we’ve ever done. As yesterday, we immediately turned around after the race and headed all the way back to the lock for the second instalment of the day.… Continue Reading

Lent Bumps 2015 – Wednesday

M1 – Bumped Girton
We knew Day One was going to be a tough one – behind us we would face the pressure of Clare and Robinson, who have both looked fast this term. In front was Girton, who was much more of an unknown. Our start was pretty scrappy, however we didn’t panic and managed to get onto a reasonable rhythm coming into the motorway bridge. Clare behind had gained to a length, but we were focussed and onto our race speed past the outflow. Approaching first post corner we were outside station on Girton, but holding Clare – who were about to be bumped out by Robinson.… Continue Reading

Fairbairn Cup 2014 Summary

After a busy term of rowing, training novices, and many ergs (#gains), Michaelmas term came to an end with the rite-of-passage that is Fairbairns. On Thursday the Novices faced the novice course, and whilst they didn’t win, there’s certainly a lot of potential coming into the Senior Squad next term. Friday saw M1, W1 and M2 face the grueling Senior Fairbairns course. Sadly we weren’t quite fast enough to clinch the win, but M1 pulled out all the stops to finish 2nd of the Cambridge colleges and third College overall, whilst W1 rowed excellently and finished 5th fastest college. Results and times are summarised below:

Crew Time Position
M1 14:34.7 2nd Cam Coll, 3rd College, 5th Overall
W1 17:27.1 5th College, 6th Overall
M2 17:08.2 9th Second VIII, 51st Overall
NM1 11:17.1 17th
NW1 13:19.2 28th
NM2 12:11.6 11th Second VIII
NW2 14:40.7 13th Second VIII
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May Bumps 2014 – Summary

Crew Wed Thu Fri Sat Overall Final Position
M1 0 0 0 0 0 10th in Division 1
W1 0/0 -1 0 -1 -2 3rd in Division 2
M2 0 +1 0/+1 -1 +1 1st in Division 4
M3 -1 +1 0 0 0 4th in Division 5

M1: [Bow] JT Baird, [2] Tom Watson, [3] Conor Burgess, [4] Ollie Sluijters, [5] Craig Lambert, [6] Neil Paul, [7] Joel Wilson, [Stroke] Paddy Buchanan, [Cox] Will Miller, [Coach] Chris Smith, [Boat] Adrian Cadbury.

M2: [Bow] Ryan Davey, [2] Tom Waszkowycz, [3] Conor Bacon, [4] Jasper Montana, [5] Ed Bentley, [6] Raphael Scheps, [7] Kittiphat ‘Am’ Chanthong, [Stroke] Kert Putsepp, [Cox] Louis Shankar, [Coach] Chris Braithwaite, [Boat] Vicky Wade.… Continue Reading

May Bumps 2014 – Saturday

M3 – Rowed Over
On the last day, our struggle to bump Queens continued. On the way down the lock we the boat was sat and spirits were high. The practice starts were decent and the rate was low but controlled. As yesterday, as soon as we pulled in, the 4 minute cannon sounded. Right let’s get our heads in the boat… The plan was simple we were to go hard off the start, putting as much pressure in the water as we could. One minute cannon, we were ready for this…. We underestimated Queens yesterday and this was not happening again.… Continue Reading

May Bumps 2014 – Friday

M3 – Rowed Over
Riding off the high of yesterday, M3 went into today fired up and rearing to go. Queen’s had tumbled down our division over the last few days and we wanted to capitalise on that, especially with the return of our captain-to-be and since a few members saw this as revenge for last year’s May Bumps. Rowing up for marshalling wasn’t as smooth as we’d hoped and we only got the balance we were used to half way up the Reach, but our practice starts were strong. As the cannons blasted, our winds and lengthens were good but, rather ironically, the timing slipped during the rhythms and we couldn’t make the headway towards Queens’ that we wanted, nor did we push away from Jesus in the way we should have after yesterday.… Continue Reading