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Fairbairn Cup 2016 – King’s W1

Written by: Rebekka Thur

Well ahead of time, slightly nervous but excited for the race and equipped with Stan’s customary supply of peeled mandarins and sweets, W1 was ready for Fairbairn’s. Under the cheers of MAlumni we set off from the boat house and paddled down towards Jesus lock. However, quite quickly it became clear that there was an acute lack of marshals, and so we and a handful of other clueless crews ended up rowing/backing it down the same 20m-stretch of the river for the next hour or so before the first marshals arrived. We passed the time singing Christmas carols, although arguably with only three or four people making a committed effort, while the rest were silently battling the creeping hypothermia.… Continue Reading

Fairbairn Cup 2016 – King’s MAlumni

Written by: Conor Burgess (2011)
The alumni rower is a strange beast. Every year, around October time, the head of the pack (also known as Chris Braithwaite) tires of only frequenting the banks of the River Cam, and yearns to return to his natural habitat of being in a boat on it instead. He therefore takes to The Facebook to make The Summons. Most other alumni are wise enough to resist the call, but presumably old age is starting to affect the memories of some of KCBC’s alumni. What other explanation could there possibly be for another eight of these alumni rowers answering The Summons.
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Fairbairn Cup 2016 – King’s M1

Written by: Neil Paul

The morning started well, with a solid warm-up paddle from the Boathouse to Jesus Lock.  Every member in the crew was focussing-in and committing to every stroke. We were moving well together – getting in sharp at the front end, gripping and levering the boat past. Around the back end, you could feel the crew rocking over together, allowing the boat to run.

Our marshalling position was just under the Victoria Avenue Bridge. The “thud-thud” of cars passing overhead sounded like a heartbeat. Needless to say, this didn’t help with nerves! I reassured myself by thinking how far this crew had come in 8 weeks of training.… Continue Reading

Fairbairn Cup 2016 – King’s M2

Written by: Siggi Martinsson

He jammed the spoon deep into the dark ominous medium, the crew took a sharp intake of breath.

– This is it boys!

For months the crew had endured a gruelling program of physical and mental torture in preparation for this moment, the growing dread occupying our minds every waking hour.  This was it!  Time to face our greatest fear, stand up and be counted!

Over the minutes that followed the crew battled valiantly together to overcome the herculean task confronting us.  Defiantly we faced the purgatory together, and with each stroke of the spoon heaved ourselves one step closer to absolution from the dastardly horror.… Continue Reading

Novice Fairbairns 2016 – King’s NM1

Written by: Alistair Goodman.

Video here:

We went into Fairbairns with high ambitions. With determination to put “stay on your side” Caius back in their place, and show the rest of the corrupt capitalist colleges who’s boss. Our entire rowing careers had been building to this point. Months of carb loading on Sainsbury’s £4.50 pizzas, weeks of no lifting, and all of bow 7 staying t-total for the two formals in the week before. Our stash had been ordered, 8, size 12, woman’s t-shirts in lilac, a snug fit. We were ready. A standard 4:30 (7:03) meet in the bar, to depart on our journey to glory.Continue Reading

Winter Head 2016 – King’s M1

Written by: Lewis Couch

This was to be M1’s 3rd race of Michaelmas, having had our noses bloodied in both Autumn Head and Uni IVs the crew was eager to demonstrate the progress we had made on the water and land. Our row up to marshalling was marked with a particularly punchy start so spirits were high as we pulled in to enjoy the parade of off cam crews rowing down. As second boat off in the division the start line was crowded but we were not overawed by the occasion and held our nerve off the start and quickly settled onto a lively rhythm down First Post Reach.… Continue Reading

Winter Head 2016 – King’s M2

Written by: Conor Bolas

We started on a bright and frosty morning, an early rise on a Saturday ready for King’s M2 to take on Winter Head, our second race as a crew. Since Autumn Head we have improved in leaps and bounds and were feeling good about tackling this one and pushing for a good time. This was also our first race in the notoriously-hard-to-sit boat – The Turing Machine.

We set out at 7.45am from the bank and were in place at the motorway bridge 15 minutes later. This run down to the bridge allowed us to build on our rhythm and balance and set a solid platform for the race.… Continue Reading

University Fours 2016 – King’s M1A and M1B

Written by: Neil Paul.

Preparation for Uni IVs was less than ideal – with each crew only having four outings before the racing began. It is fair to say that it was not our main focus of term, but we still wanted to be competitive – especially M1B, who were entered in the 2nd Division.

King’s M1A were drawn against St. Catz in the first round, who beat us easily. After a solid start, we lost the race in the corners – going wide around First Post Corner, and then stroke had to take the run in order to get around Grassy.… Continue Reading

Autumn Head 2016 – King’s M1

Written by: Daro Nakshbande

King’s M1 commenced Michaelmas term with no more than two members left from the previous crew for May Bumps. After barely two full weeks of outings we entered Autumn Head as a benchmark to work from towards the milestones of the coming term (Uni IVs, Winter Head and Fairbairns). Smith’s coaching throughout the preparatory outings had emphasised work on the finishes. Higher rate work, however, was still a novelty for this newly configured crew. This did show quite quickly after we did a rolling start and wound up to about rate 32 just under the Motorway Bridge.… Continue Reading