Winter Head to Head 2010

King’s M2 Takes Out Lower Mays Category

Another good term opener saw King’s M2 take first place in the Lower Mays category of the Cambridge Winter Head to Head.

Race Reports

M1 8+ (report by Adam Bristow)

King’s M1 made a decent start to the Lent Term this weekend, with a reasonable performance at the Winter Head to Head. In the absence of our regular stern pair, our first run was a good technical row, but a bit casual at a low rate of 32. The second run was more dynamic with higher ratings and better responses to pushes. Nonetheless, the overall feeling was that the crew didn’t lay down much of its available grunt, and this is clearly something we’ll want to address over the coming weeks. Queens’ dominated the Mays 1st Division, making clear the challenges we face for bumps in a few weeks’ time.

Crew Lists

M1: [Cox] Kat Ailes, [Bow] Chris Lynch, [2] Rob Raine, [3] Ildar Gaisin, [4] Andriy Gordiychuk, [5] Patrick Goodbourn, [6] Paul Thomas, [7] Simon McKeating, [Stroke] Adam Bristow.

M2: [Cox] Kate McCutcheon, [Bow] Ollie Francis, [2] Elliot Carter, [3] Steve Smith, [4] Andriy Gordiychuk, [5] Harry Frankish, [6] Chris Perry, [7] Simon McKeating, [Stroke] George Stagg.

M3: [Cox] Jenny O’Hare, [Bow] Mateusz Drozdzynski, [2] Kelvin Xu, [3] Reuben Shiels, [4] Rutger Grisel, [5] Benj Crawford-Sharpe, [6] Faraz Dianat, [7] Volker Schlue, [Stroke] Will Miller.

Results Summary

Crew Category Time (Leg 1) Time (Leg 2) Time (Total) Position   
M1 Mays 1st 6:41 7:23 14:04 8th
M2 Mays Lower 7:03 8:10 15:13 1st
M3 Mays Lower 7:37 9:12 16:49 7th