Winter Head 2016 – King’s M2

Written by: Conor Bolas

We started on a bright and frosty morning, an early rise on a Saturday ready for King’s M2 to take on Winter Head, our second race as a crew. Since Autumn Head we have improved in leaps and bounds and were feeling good about tackling this one and pushing for a good time. This was also our first race in the notoriously-hard-to-sit boat – The Turing Machine.

We set out at 7.45am from the bank and were in place at the motorway bridge 15 minutes later. This run down to the bridge allowed us to build on our rhythm and balance and set a solid platform for the race.

After a crowded spin and some rearrangements, we were off. Up to rate before the motorway bridge, we were running a slick operation, with the boat better balanced at speed we were able to get up to a rapid rate. With Emma M2 in front we pushed to gain some ground on them and managed to close the gap somewhat, but their huge head-start at the start was too great for us to make much headway. To our rear we watched as a city club boat became more distant, but their constant presence spurred us on. We raced passed the finish line with a time of 9.55, a good respectable time for an M2 boat and the satisfaction of greatly improving on our time on Autumn Head.

Overall our form was looking good, with our balance greatly improved and showing through the race, particularly around the bottom of the reach, it was clear that our training had paid off. However, there are still gains to be made and ways we can improve greatly before our next race, which we will tackle full on!

Cox: Charles Connor

Stroke: Jasper Montana

7: Charlie Yoon

6: Shaun Matos

5: Siggi Martinsson

4: Conor Bolas

3: Sebastián Céspedes

2: Jaza Syed

Bow: Matthew Else

Coaches: Chris Braithwaite, Conor Burgess, and Neil Paul