Winter Head 2016 – King’s M1

Written by: Lewis Couch

This was to be M1’s 3rd race of Michaelmas, having had our noses bloodied in both Autumn Head and Uni IVs the crew was eager to demonstrate the progress we had made on the water and land. Our row up to marshalling was marked with a particularly punchy start so spirits were high as we pulled in to enjoy the parade of off cam crews rowing down. As second boat off in the division the start line was crowded but we were not overawed by the occasion and held our nerve off the start and quickly settled onto a lively rhythm down First Post Reach. Some especially fiery calls from the coxing seat saw us swiftly through the corners and onto the expanse of The Reach. Despite a solid first half we were being pursued by a very strong Downing VIII who managed to close the gap along the straight, we largely held them off over the second half however, coming under the railway a lack of experience showed and a slight faltering of concentration showed entitling them to the racing line. Some fearless coxing took us within a hairs breadth of blade clash but the crew held together and stayed hard on the back of Downing to the finish. This race again showed strong progress from a still very inexperienced King’s crew, despite still being off the pace of the other colleges we are becoming more competitive with each race. Fairbairns awaits, the main event of term to really show how far we’ve come.

Cox: Hrutvik Kanabar

Stroke: Neil Paul

7: Lewis Couch

6: Abhinaba (Josh) Guha

5: Joe Gaffney

4: Canlin (Kenny) Ou

3: Hans Verschueren

2: Daro Nakshbande

Bow: Jacob Toop-Rose

Coaches: Chris Smith and Chris Braithwaite