Winter Head 2009

Race Reports

W1 8+ (report by Sarah Williams)

Training at the start of term had been quite variable; we had started quite well, then had a couple of bad weeks, but by the time the first race in the 8+ came things were on the up again. We had a solid row down to the start and went off well. We lost time around some of the corners but it felt like we were trying to push the boat forwards together, which was good, and the balance was much improved on what it had been for a while. All in all, it was a fairly good first race, with lots of stuff to build on looking towards Fairbairns.

Results Summary

Crew Category Time (1k) Time       Position   
M1 Senior VIII 3:23 8:49 8th
W1 Senior VIII 4:04 10:54 10th
M2 Senior VIII 3:39 9:43 24th
M3 Senior VIII 4:02 10:54 32nd
MNov A Beginner VIII 4:47 12:28 20th
MNov B Beginner VIII 4:23 12:06 18th

Crew Lists

W1 8+: [Cox] Jenny Shaw, [Bow] Clare Kitteringham, [2] Helen Spriggs, [3] Nicola Runciman, [4] Fiammetta Luino, [5] Katie Critchfield, [6] Georgia Clements, [7] Renate Fellinger, [Stroke] Sarah Williams.

Race Photos

Race Video