WEHoRR – King’s W1

For many of us in W1, WeHoRR was the first time we had ever rowed on the Tideway, which was both exciting and nerve-wracking. Our host boat club, Vesta, was near the finish so we had a semi-leisurely paddle to the start which allowed us all to become familiar with course. Marshalling was a slow process and which wasn’t helped by a freak five minute hailstorm which momentarily blinded the cox! But after a morning of cloud and the occasional shower when it was finally our turn to spin and race, the sun had come out. After a rolling start beneath Chiswick Bridge we crossed the start line at a maintainable 34 strokes/minute. We held off a Durham University crew until Barnes Bridge after which all crews had to struggle with the head wind. We still held strong, and managed to not let the rate drop below 31 for the entire race. Unfortunately just before we reached Chiswick Eyot, about 3km into the race the cox-box connections in the boat, which were already temperamental, completely stopped working. This meant, despite the cox’s best efforts of shouting, poor bow four had to row in near silence and with only a very rough idea of where the finish was. Despite this we still pulled through and maintained our rate at 31/32 finishing the race in 23:14 mins placing us 225/315 crews. We had beaten W1’s time from last year at WeHoRR and also beaten some other Cambridge colleges including Magdalene W1, who we just missed out on catching on the third day of Lent Bumps. However the athletic events for W1 weren’t quite over yet…In order to catch the train to make it back in time for Women’s dinner that night we had to sprint between various tube platforms, all of us still in our matching purple kit, and only just managed to catch our train home at King’s Cross!



[Bow] Niamh Mulcahy, [2] Jess Plumbridge, [3] Rachael Baker, [4] Danielle Jackson, [5] Ellie Archer, [6] Elizabeth Byrne, [7] Tabitha Biller, [Stroke] Antoanela Siminiuc, [Cox] Ellen Berry