University Fours 2016 – King’s M1A and M1B

Written by: Neil Paul.

Preparation for Uni IVs was less than ideal – with each crew only having four outings before the racing began. It is fair to say that it was not our main focus of term, but we still wanted to be competitive – especially M1B, who were entered in the 2nd Division.

King’s M1A were drawn against St. Catz in the first round, who beat us easily. After a solid start, we lost the race in the corners – going wide around First Post Corner, and then stroke had to take the run in order to get around Grassy.

King’s M1B were drawn against Queens’ in the first round, who beat them by 26s.

All in all, a disappointing result, but a useful experience. For many of the crew, it was the first time they had raced in IVs. Looking ahead, this will form the foundation of future IVs work in Lent term and out of term.

M1A: Lachlan Jardine (Stroke), Lewis Couch (3), Neil Paul (2), Hans Verschueren (Bow).

M1B: Daro Nakshbande (Stroke), Siggi Martinsson (3), Abhinaba (Josh) Guha (2), Jacob Toop-Rose (Bow).