University Fours 2009

Strong Showing from King’s Men at the University IVs

The University IVs races took place last week, with both King’s Men’s crews pushing through to the semi-finals.

Race Reports

M1 4+ (report by Cornelius Halladay-Garrett)

vs. Fitzwilliam M1 (Quarter Final)

We expected this to be a difficult race. Fitz were the previous year’s winners, and were definitively thought of as one of the favourites for this year.  Consequently, we knew we had our work cut out if we were to hold them off.

The race began very well. We were on the upstream station, so were able to see Fitwilliam behind us. When the gun went, we got off to a slightly better start than they did, winding up to 45 over five strokes, and settling in to race rhythm of 35. As we came up towards First Post Corner, we really began to get into our stride, and kept the boat spinning along nicely. Kat took a good line into the corner, and we had a very effective push and lift out of it, which took the rate back up to 36. Another quick lift around Grassy Corner, and we were in a good position to make a push on Plough Reach. This is where the race was won. We put in an excellent push for ten strokes, holding our length while increasing the power. As we passed the posts on Plough reach, we were seven seconds ahead.

Coming on to the Long Reach, we were hit by windy conditions, which temporarily gave our opponents the advantage. However, we kept the stroke long, and put in some bursts as we closed in on the finish line. An excellent final push took us over the line to beat Fitzwilliam by seven seconds.

vs. Queens’ M1 (Semi Final)

Queens’ have been our main rivals this term. They beat us by only a second in the Autumn Head when we rowed in eights, so we knew that this was going to be a very close race. This time round we had the downstream station, meaning so we couldn’t see our opponents, instead having to rely on our cox to tell us their position.

We got off to quite a good start, although it didn’t feel quite as dynamic or aggressive as the previous race. Our race rhythm was also not quite as sharp, and we settled to a rate of 34 strokes per minute. We had some good pushes as we came round the corners, and started to make up a bit of ground on Plough Reach. However, we never quite regained the composure of the previous race, and struggled to keep the rate around 34.

We made a series of pushes as we came down the Long Reach, but there was little we could do to eat into Queens’ lead. They saw their opportunity, and walked away, to win by 7.5 seconds. Still, we had a good race, and they were an excellent crew. On the day, we just weren’t quite able to match them. Our rowers and cox did a very good job trying though.

W1 4+ (report by Sarah Williams)

vs. Pembroke W1 (Round 1)

This was the first bit of racing on the Women’s side for this season, however with the main focus of training for the term being Fairbairns in the 8+, the 4+ had only had a weeks’ worth of training together. It came together well on the day though, we hit a really good rhythm off the start and went well down the reach, being just ahead as we came under the motorway bridge. Unfortunately, Pembroke were clearly a very well-conditioned crew and began to move through. We rowed strong to the end though, and were only around five seconds down at the finish.

Crew Lists

M1: [Cox] Kat Ailes, [Bow] Patrick Goodbourn, [2] Paul Thomas, [3] Cornelius Halladay-Garrett, [Stroke] Andrew Viquerat.

M2: [Cox] Electra Lacey, [Bow] Chris Lynch, [2] Adam Bristow, [3] Harry Frankish, [Stroke] George Stagg.

W1: [Cox] Jenny Shaw, [Bow] Sarah Williams, [2] Clare Kitteringham, [3] Georgia Clements, [Stroke] Katy Critchfield.

Results Summary

Crew Division Round Opposition Result
M1(4+) 1 R1 Clare M1 Won (scratching)
    QF Fitzwilliam M1 Won by 7s
    SF Queens M1 Lost by 7.5s
W1(4+) 1 R1 Pembroke W1 Lost by 6s
M2(4+) 2 R1 Jesus M3 Won (scratching)
    QF First & Third M3b Won by 9s
    SF Queens’ M2 Lost by 21s

Race Videos

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