Robinson Head – 8th February 2013

This was the first test for the young M3. All of the crew are former novices and nervousness was rife; especially amongst the bank party. After a brief team talk they were rowing focused, relaxed and almost well to the start. They wound the rate up comfortably before the start and they were underway. Battling to overcome the slow flow of the Cam, they made it out onto the reach. Despite a relatively low rate, some were practicing their rowing faces for the getting on race; their next race and aim for the term. By the railway bridge they were flagging but, amazingly, they were still rowing well! The boat remained almost sat and more strokes than not were in time. Nevertheless, crossing the line with no crabs or mishaps was a relief to all. They came 2nd out of the crews needing to get on; a very promising result.

On a Friday afternoon Kings W3 rowed down for their first head race of Lents. W3 went off at a steady pace, with the wisdom that everything is easier and life is a lot nicer at a lower rating. The boat was sat and the race was comfortable, no crabs and no scary moments. The results did not do their effort justice as there were no other W3s in the race but it was a good effort from all of the girls.

Crew lists:
M3: [Bow] Ivan Tchenev, [2] Oisin Huhn, [3] Stefan Weetman, [4] Tom Waszkowyz, [5] Ed Bentley, [6] Bjorn Osterberg, [7] Chris Diamond, [Stroke] Tom Beeby, [Cox] Neha Vaidya