Queens’ Ergs – 6th November 2012

Queens’ Ergs is always a nervous time for novices and this year was no different. With a few last minute subs some of the crew hadn’t even had a chance to practice the 500m piece. Nevertheless, they went in and all did their best. There were a few impressive scores, but unfortunately the crew couldn’t do enough to make it into the final. They had however gained valuable experience in how to cope with nerves before a race, which will set them up well for Winter Head in a few weeks.

Crew: Joe Gladstone, Edward Bentley, Tim Woodman, Jonny Foster, Nick Mulder, Karolos Dionelis, Giovanni Braghieri, Basile Roze

The girls began to shine at their first event, Queen’s ergs. Indeed, it is not the most appetising event, with around 16 crews standing in a room, screaming at novices while they kill themselves on stationary machines while spectators jeer. At the end, with all eight girls having finished their 500m sprints, we realised to our surprise that there were still many crews still going. After a long wait, the results revealed that we had come third in our division; a fantastic achievement and great way to start our novice term.