Pembroke Regatta – 16th February 2013

Round 1 – Lost to Caius M1 by 3/4 length
The final of Pembroke regatta effectively came in the first round. King’s M1 squared up against Caius. Off the start, it was all pretty level with King’s up by a seat at best. Caius pushed into the first corner and came out a few seats up. The next corner favoured King’s and those seats were clawed back. Unfortunately coming out of the last corner Caius put in a burst and pulled away. They crossed the line with an official margin of 3/4 length. A solid row but not a victorious one.

Round 1 – Beat FaT M5 easily
The river was still, the sun was bright and the stage was set. M3 were the first crew to race on the men’s side and they faced the mighty FaT M5. Attention. Go! For a moment, it was unclear whether either crew had was actually moving as torrents of water were flung everywhere. As the mist cleared, King’s were had edged into an early lead. By the first corner they had clear water and went on the win “easily”.

Round 2 – Lost to Caius M3 by 4 lengths
Round two; Caius M3. Moral was as high as ever, but this would be no push over. The start was slightly more composed than the previous race but Caius were half a length up off the start. King’s held it in contention until after the spectators had seen them where Caius pushed on to a comfortable victory. Not a bad row by the spirited M3, but still a long way to go before any silverware adorns their mantels.

Round 1 – Beat Magdalene W1 by 2 lengths
As usual, this competition, coming so close to bumps, was an excellent opportunity to sort out standing starts and get a good look at the competition. This was especially key for the King’s girls as their first draw was against the crew directly behind them on the first day: Magdelene. Fortunately, the jitters of the side-by-side race failed to throw the girls and we managed to pull away fairly immediately, eventually beating them by a good length or two.

Round 2 – Lost to Christ’s W1 by 1 length
Christ’s had just had surprise success against the Caius women. Whether it was confidence from this victory that fueled them or simply superior technique, this crew managed to pull away in the same manner as we had in the previous race and unfortunately it was we who were left trailing by the finish line. However, the girls were not disconsolate by this defeat as it allowed us an early exit from the river in freezing conditions.

The crew has gone from strength to strength on the final weeks leading up to bumps and hopefully this will anticipate good results when it comes to the Lent competitions.

Round 1 – Lost to Jesus W3 due to snapped rudder cable
We were feeling extremely confident in the run-up to the regatta, as we had been doing lots of work on our standing starts and had a calm, powerful start under our belt, which we knew would count for a lot in a side-by-side sprint such as this. Rowing up we did a fantastic practice start, just as relaxed as those in training. As we were up against Jesus W3 we were not too nervous about how the race would go.
Before the start the Marshals insisted that they give the calls to bow pair for straightening up, but weren’t very successful at doing so – as we set off they began whistling immediately at us for encroaching, which was quite distracting. The start itself was not as good as the practice one, being more rushed, but everyone was still together and getting their blades in, and we soon began to pull away from Jesus. This helped us relax and we were just getting into a solid rhythm that would have won us the race easily when disaster struck – the rudder cord snapped. Tim our cox tried desperately to keep us straight but there was nothing to be done, and we had to hold it up before we crashed into the bank, leaving Jesus free to overtake and get the win they did not deserve, and us extremely disappointed.

Crew lists:
M1: [Bow] Mike Hoffman, [2] Neil Paul, [3] Craig Lambert, [4] Conor Burgess, [5] Joel Wilson, [6] Paddy Buchanan, [7] Andre Thunot, [Stroke] Lachlan Jardine, [Cox] Will Miller
M2: [Bow] Tim Woodman, [2] Jonny Foster, [3] Karolos Dionelis, [4] Erik Wannerberg, [5] Fletcher Williams, [6] Tom Watson, [7] Lee Nissim, [Stroke] Kert Putsepp, [Cox] Colette Bane
M3: [Bow] Ash Thomas Simkins, [2] Phil Smith, [3] James Temple, [4] Tom Beeby, [5] Ed Bentley, [6] Bjorn Osterberg, [7] Chris Diamond, [Stroke] Joe Gladstone, [Cox] Emma Sewart
W1: [Bow] Naomi Fenwick, [2] Brioni Aston, [3] Felicity Eperon, [4] Alex Hayes, [5] Beth Wratislaw, [6] Liz Dzeng, [7] Matilda Greig, [Stroke] Ellie Re’em, [Cox] Nicole Samuel