Novice Rowing

Welcome to all who are freshers, and those who have seen the light after x number of years of being at King’s and not rowing. Getting involved with rowing with KCBC is easy, cheap and fun. All you need is some general non baggy sports kit. The experience of rowing is a very enjoyable one and the technique is not all that difficult to master.

Contrary to popular belief, you will not have to get up at 5am every day and train for 3 hours before lectures. During Michaelmas term you can expect two or three sessions a week in the boats with a maximum of one early morning (which will only be about 7am anyway). We always endevour to ensure that those with 9am lectures make it back on time to reach them without too much Lance Armstong style cycling heroics.

We very much try to cater for everyone, whether you are a budding Steve Redgrave or merely someone who feels that they can’t pass up the opportunity to row while they are at Cambridge.

At the end of Michaelmas term there is a race for novice crews from all the colleges where you will have a chance to put into practice all that you have learnt over the course of the term. Many of the senior rowers will come down to watch and cheer you on, whilst secretly hoping you won’t be taking their places the following term! From then on you will be senior rowers and focus will turn to the Lent and May Bumps. For more on the bumps see the excellent guide on the 1st and 3rd Trinity Boat Club website. For further Information email the vice-captains (see committee page)