May Bumps – Saturday

W1 – Bumped by Trinity Hall W1, now 4th in Div 2

Written by: Martha Crass

We went into our last race buoyed up by the impressive rowover the boat had executed the day before: we were sure that this time, Catz was ours. We’d been on their tail for two of the previous three days of Bumps; today would be third time lucky, surely? However, the busy week of racing and post-exam hysteria was taking its toll, and with Tit Hall chasing again we knew that one way or another we wouldn’t be making another rowover this time. This was it.

Draw one, draw two –

We were off, our start flying, and we soon began to narrow the distance between us and Catz. However, our starting aggression soon proved unsustainable, and as we approached the Plough we all knew the end was nigh. We went down gloriously, valiantly, amidst the roars of the crowd; some may say we suffered a humiliating defeat in front of the single biggest audience on the banks, but in fact this was always our intention. We may have lost, but we did so with honour, and allowed ourselves to finally achieve the immortality we’d always deserved. Despite this, emotions were running high as we were instructed to pull over to the bank, and our stroke, in a fit of anguish, used her blade to swing frenziedly at the legs of some helpless bystanders.

Our row back to the boathouse was quite something to behold; with our stroke taking the cox box, and our cox in the stroke seat, what choice did the rest of us have but to take up this carefree attitude and relinquish the oppressive seat order we had been accustomed to? The strokesiders made an impressive attempt at rowing bowside; the less said about the bowsiders the better.

This may not have been our most successful campaign to date, and we’ll certainly miss those members of the boat who are leaving us at the end of this term – but it was still quite a week, and we certainly gave it our all.


M1 – Bumped by Christ’s M1, now 15th in Div 1

Written by: Daro Nakshbande

On day four of Bumps we were in the unique position from which we would be able to deny both Christ’s and Robinson blades by bumping Robinson. Failing that, we would continue our strong row to the finish line. Whereas we ‘threw the kitchen sink’ at First Post Corner in an attempt to bump Selwyn on the previous day, King’s was now aiming for a more controlled and technical fly-or-die, a fly-or-fly so to speak. We did fly off the start but the three preceding days of Bumps and the burning sun meant that we burned up somewhere in the Gut. We put on a show around First Post, with the support of many alumni and current members from the Marquee. Alas, our cox still refused to use the ‘crucify’ race-call as Christ’s closed in on us fast. They bumped us just past Grassy corner. In spite of having had their May Ball on the night before, it seems as if Robinson were still fit enough to push off King’s – at least for now. Next year, King’s M1 will be back in Mays: stronger, heavier and eager for revenge!


W2 – Rowed over Head of Div 4


M2 – Bumped by Caius M3, now 5th in Div 4

Written by: Joe Gaffney

Given how the week had played out so far, our paddle down to station was overshadowed by the feeling that we had to bump or we would be bumped. Ahead of us was Girton M2 who were chasing spoon-barge Darwin M2. We were being chased by Caius M3 who were on for blades. We had spent the entire week pursuing Girton, and so it was a big ask that we would be able to catch them as quick as we needed to. Each day, we had seen that Caius munched down whoever they were chasing way before reaching First Post Corner. However, we had been convincing when walking away from the likes of Hughes M2 and fancied our chances in having a go at Girton. Coming into First Post Corner and past the KCBC Marquee, Caius had one whistle; by Grassy they had bumped. A huge move by them went unmatched. Bearing in mind the record of the men’s side in recent years, one down by the end of the week was not a poor outcome. The gains we had made throughout the week were also welcome – training for next Mays starts now.