May Bumps – Day 3

Today is Day 3 of May Bumps and we’ve got four crews racing:

14:30 – King’s W2 (Head of Div 4) chased by Anglia Ruskin W1

15:15 – King’s M2 “The King’s Heavies” (4th in Div 4) chase Girton M2, chased by Hughes Hall M2

16:00 – Depending on the result of their first race, King’s W2 may have the chance to bump up into Div 3, where they would chase boathouse rivals Churchill W2

17:30 – King’s W1 (3rd in Div 2) chase Homerton W1, chased by Tit Hall W1

19:45 – King’s M1 (13th in Div 1) chase boathouse rivals Selwyn M1 (for the Combined Boathouse Headship!), chased by Robinson M1

Follow the racing as it happens by tuning in to CamFM:

Best of luck to all King’s crews racing today!