May Bumps 2019 – Thursday

A very successful day for KCBC resulted in W1 and M1 bumping, M2 rowing over, and unfortunately W2 getting bumped. Full race reports will follow shortly.

Crew Wednesday Thursday
M1 +1 (Queens') +1 (Jesus)
W1 row-over +1 (Trinity Hall)
W2 -1 (Clare Hall) -1 (Lucy Cavendish II)
M2 -1 (Pembroke III) row-over
M1 celebrating yet another victorious day of bumps.

M1: Bumped Jesus

Written by Kozzy Voudouris

The second day of bumps needed M1 to put out something special. Jesus were our target, and we knew we could get them. Our warm up focussed us in, we were hungry. We revelled in the challenging gusty conditions. Pushing out at the lock we were relaxed and confident. The start was fast, clinical, blistering. We sliced through the wash under the A14 foot bridge and settled onto a solid rhythm. Shouts of “MOVING” on the bank took us to one whistle by First Post Corner.

Through the Gut, we started to close in to two whistles. Coming out of Grassy, we lifted down Plough Reach. Still relaxed and poised for the attack we came round Ditton, taking the tighter line. Three whistles. Coming into the headwind at the top of the Reach, Jesus started to crumble. Within a few strokes we had overlap, bumping before the kink in the Reach. Victory was ours. King’s are now higher than Jesus for the first time in living memory. M1 are tenth on the River, chasing First and Third tomorrow.

W1: Bumped Trinity Hall

Written by Mary Coleman

W1 in the same position as the first day and chasing the same crew had a new drive to bump up and out of Division 2. With a steady start to the race, W1 came storming down the river, already gaining on Trinity Hall W1 by the First Post Corner. But W1 weren't going to have an uncontested race, because slowly gaining on them was Downing/Darwin who had bumped up yesterday. This gave W1 the added push they needed to catch Trinity Hall, which they were lacking yesterday. Down onto Grassy Corner and King's W1 are half a boat-length away from Trinity Hall, whilst Darwin are a boat length away from them.

With the long reach coming up, King's new it was now or never and gave one last drive to bump Trinity Hall just past the corner. King's W1 fuelled by their success in their first race, we're now at the top of division 2 and were faced with the opportunity to bump up into division 1. However, even with this determination, King's W1 did not prove fast enough to catch Queen's W1 before they bumped Peterhouse! Tomorrow King's W1 look to row over at the head of division 2 and another attempt to bump up into division 1.