May Bumps 2015 – Friday

W1 – Bumped Murray Edwards and Selwyn
In our full crew for the first time this Bumps, we rowed up to the start filled with confidence from our bump on Trinity Hall yesterday. We knew Murray Edwards might be tough to catch today but we were determined to bump them and carry on upwards into the first division. Coming past The Plough our practise starts were strong and secure. When the cannons finally went we had a solid start and quickly gained a whistle on Murray Edwards. As we came around First Post Corner we continued to creep up on them and before long had progressed to two whistles. Expert coxing from Colette meant we had continual overlap all the way around Grassy Corner and Murray Edwards finally conceded coming in to Plough Reach, giving us a position at the top of Division 2 and the chance to row again later to seal a place in Division 1!

So an hour later we found ourselves waiting for the start gun again, chasing a strong Selwyn crew who we knew would prove more elusive than Murray Edwards. However, with no one chasing us we were confident we would be able to row them down over 2k and go for our second bump of the day. Starting from bottom station this time, we had another strong start and were just settling down into a rhythm when we got a whistle on Selwyn, much earlier than anticipated. This was just what we needed and we upped the pressure and continued to gain on them, dealing well with the outflow under the motorway bridge which caused us so many problems last year. Before long we had continual whistles and had bumped them before First Post! This means that, for the first time since 2011, King’s W1 has a place in the first division. We are hoping to continue our winning streak with a bump on Catz tomorrow!

M1 – Bumped St. Catharine’s
The third day of bumps was warm and close, but we had something to prove. We knew ourselves to be far better than we had been in the previous two days, and today was the day we would show that. Our aim? Hit Catz. Quick and hard. Our paddle down was our best of the week, despite the slight fatigue starting to set in. A confident warm up, which was not affected by the apparent psychological games Catz were playing behind us had us feeling good. After a clean tap spin on station we pulled in to gather ourselves for the race.

Soon enough the 4 minute cannon sounded and we were back in to the boat, heads in and ready to achieve what we set out to do. A quick start sent us flying towards the motorway bridge and into the rough water churned up by the crews ahead and the outflow. Completely unphased by this, we glided over the choppy waters and settled in to an attacking rhythm. Just as our strength showed small signs of faltering, Will called a lift and the response from the crew was phenomenal. Flying in to First Post Corner we got our first whistle. Upon exitting a mere few strokes later we had overlap. It was all over very soon after that. Mission complete. Catz were taken down in the exact spot they met their end in Lents. This was our best race all week, later than we had hoped, but heading in to the final day we knew what our objective was now. Lay to rest any doubts in our mind that we can get Clare.

W2 – Bumped Clare W3

M2 – Bumped by Darwin M2

M3 – Bumped by Churchill M3 (Technical result)