May Bumps 2015 – Division Times and Marquee

This year’s May Bumps run from Wednesday 10th June to Saturday 13th June. Support from everyone and anyone would be very much appreciated on every day of Bumps, but in particular KCBC will be hosting our annual marquee on First Post Corner from 11:30am on Saturday 13th June.

Our team at the marquee will be supplying refreshments throughout the day (Strawberries and fizz will be available for a small fee), from 11:30am – 6:00pm. The marquee is free to attend, and you can reserve a car parking space by emailing Kate Erin (parking spaces are available based on needs first, and then first come, first served).

Division times for each crew can be found in the table below, but they may be subject to change and delay.

Crew Wed-Fri Sat
M1 (Men’s First Division) 19:45 17:45
W1 (Women’s Second Division) 17:30 15:30
M2 (Men’s Fourth Division) 15:15 13:15
W2 (Women’s Fourth Division) 13:45 11:45
M3 (Men’s Fifth Division) 14:30 12:30