May Bumps 2014 – Saturday

M3 – Rowed Over
On the last day, our struggle to bump Queens continued. On the way down the lock we the boat was sat and spirits were high. The practice starts were decent and the rate was low but controlled. As yesterday, as soon as we pulled in, the 4 minute cannon sounded. Right let’s get our heads in the boat… The plan was simple we were to go hard off the start, putting as much pressure in the water as we could. One minute cannon, we were ready for this…. We underestimated Queens yesterday and this was not happening again.

Cannon! We were off… However, with a shaky start we didn’t get the early whistles we had hoped for, and had to go for the long race. As we came around the second corner we were still between stations and one whistle. Stroke caught a crab and as a result we fell behind to two lengths but Jesus V had been bumped behind us, so it was just us and Queen’s IV. As we got to the reach we raised our spirits and managed to gain back to a station apart. Unfortunately Queen’s also mustered their spirit and managed to keep their distance. In the end we finished with a comfortable row-over to solidify our dominance over Jesus and high spirits as we maintained our position for next year.

M2 – Bumped by Jesus
The final day of Bumps would be a difficult one. At the back of Division 3, we had the formidable Clare Hall in front of us (again…) and Jesus bringing up the rear, who had just bumped Clare in the previous division. A good practice start took us past the throng of people crowded at the Plough; we then flew past the KCBC marquee, where we were graced with a huge cheer. We took our place at the start and waited. With the final cannon of our May Bumps 2014 campaign, we were off. A good start took us around the first corner, keeping pace with Clare Hall. Unfortunately, Jesus were clearly gaining. The first whistle came annoyingly quickly, although subsequent blasts took longer. We held our ground and tried to force them off without losing spirit or speed. We flew past the marquee once more, where a huge cheer gave us a much-needed boost. However, by the time we had rounded First Post, Jesus’ bow was overlapping our stern. A bump was inevitable and the contact was soon felt. We slowed and pulled in at the side: we had rowed well, it was just that Jesus had rowed better. A gentle cruise back to the boathouse, which would be our last time together as a crew, soon descended into anarchy with spirits still very high. A crew photo was followed by a quick swim, voluntarily for some but begrudgingly for others. We sipped champagne as we dried on the bank and looked back on the week’s rowing: yes, we had been bumped. But we had also bumped twice, moved up one place overall to the border of the third and forth divisions and, most importantly, had fantastic fun throughout.

W1 – Bumped by Jesus II
W1 have decided to submit an interpretive video for their race report.

M1 – Rowed Over
Right in the middle of the least exciting division ever… Until next year…