May Bumps 2013 – Thursday

M1 – Bumped Fitzwilliam M1
Following a very good row down to the start, M1 were confident of a second bump against a Fitz crew that always looked precarious in the top division. A much improved start saw us quickly pull away from the Emma crew we bumped yesterday, and drive on at a very good speed. The conditions were much improved from the first day, and we hit a strong powerful rhythm, moving steadily through one, two and three whistles. We had discussed a final killer move, and Will’s coxing calls were spot on as we accelerated into an overlapping position with Fitzwilliam, their cox being forced to concede halfway round first post corner.

M2 – Bumped by Clare III

M3 – Bumped by Girton III
After a disappointing first day of bumps, King’s M3 were pumped for a shot at the revenge bump or the very real possibility of an over bump. Things looked even better when Willer got inside information, that Girton were aiming for the row over i.e. did not believe they were capable of catching the mighty King’s M3.

This King’s boat looked slightly different from the wednesday crew, with some of M2s lent bumps rowers stepping up to add a bit of experience and hopefully a calm head.

Being bumped the day before meant we were even closer the deafening Canon Blast, which definitely got the blood pumping. As we sat, charged with energy on a blustery afternoon. The sounds of the great escape whistled over the cox box.


The King’s rowers came to 3/4 slide…

2 take a tap…

and another…

Bang, the draws and winds built up. Perhaps not as clean as the day before but the boat was moving. Ivan’s triumphant Rhythm 9 heralded M3’s PB in May bumps. Sadly it was not enough, the Girton boy’s were getting closer, as they received their first whistles we spooked. The rowing fell apart somewhat and it wasn’t long before they had got the bump.

We cleared professionally, and were still struck by the Clare boat clumsily passing through. Followed by some of our better steady state rowing back to the boathouse.

Friday brings the opportunity for the revenge bump on Girton and hopefully testing out Ivan’s ability on the corners.

W1 – Rowed over head of Div 2 – Rowed over as Sandwich Boat

W2 – Bumped Peterhouse II
After rowing the whole course on Wednesday, we knew we were capable of it and therefore felt more relaxed about the possibility of doing it again. However, we reasoned that if Jesus W3 could catch Peterhouse, we definitely could! We were on them right from the start and were gaining on them all the time down the Gut. At Grassy the marshals told us to steer for the outside of the corner due to blockage on the inside, but in fact there was a bit of a pile up on the outside, thanks again to Jesus. This meant that we had to hold it up just before the Peterhouse cox conceded, even though we had overlap and the bump was inevitable! For a few horrible minutes in the chaos we weren’t sure whether or not the bump would be awarded. But sure enough, the Umpires agreed with us that the Bump was inevitable and awarded us a technical bump on Peterhouse W2.

W3 – Rowed Over
W3 came to the second day of bumps feeling reasonably confident in our ability to, if not bump, row over solidly. After a stronger start than on the first day, we began closing the gap between us and Emma IV. Unfortunately, Emma was able to bump Selwyn III, leaving us rowing for the overbump on Clare III. Despite valiant efforts from the crew, the gap with Clare wasn’t looking likely to close. At the same time, Queens IV was looking to overbump us. We weren’t about to give up the fight though, and had a very strong and solid row over, retaining a good gap between us and Queens over the line. On to chase Selwyn III!