May Bumps 2013 – Saturday

M1 – Rowed Over

M2 – Bumped by Clare Hall

M3 – Bumped by Magdalene IV
After three bumps for three days, M3 were determined to at least make it around a corner or two on their final day. And make it around said corner we did! But then we were bumped by Magdalene IV, who managed to gain rapidly once they got out of their start sequence. Spoons were accepted with bucket loads of general merriment from a crew who had clearly had a wonderful, if unsuccessful, week!

W1 – Bumped Magdalene – Rowed over as Sandwich Boat

W2 – Bumped Homerton II
Saturday started with some drama, when 15mins before we were due to meet at the boathouse we learned that 7 was being sick and wouldn’t be able to row – it was a panicked for a short time as we tried desperately to find a sub. It just so happened that Leo Sharpston, an alumnus, was at the boathouse for the ceremony in which the new Women’s First Eight was named after her – and she eagerly stepped up to the plate and saved the day! Homerton II had been bumped by Jesus the day before and we knew they were within our reach, but we expected to have a harder row than the previous two days, perhaps having to go halfway down the reach – which we were dreading as it was blowing a gale. So we determined that we should stop at nothing to catch them before then. We had our best start yet and were rowing powerfully, getting whistles at the same points as all the previous days. Homerton were able to hold us off slightly more successfully than the other crews we had chased, but not for long – we ground them down and had a spectacular bump right in front of The Plough and the crowds. It felt fantastic, and Leo especially was overjoyed! This got us to a final result of up three, W2’s best result in a long time.

W3 – Bumped Selwyn W3
Once again today we started behind Selwyn W3. Feeling we hadn’t rowed our best the day before, we hoped to have a strong start and catch them soon after. We were being chased by ClareW4, who we had bumped on the first day so we hoped wouldn’t give us too many problems. At the cannon we started cleanly, soon settling into a strong rhythm and gradually gaining on Selwyn. We got within a length of them, but once again Selwyn seemed too strong and wouldn’t let us complete the bump. However, we were determined, and continued to push them, desperate to bump on the last day. Just as a row over was becoming inevitable, Selwyn took a bad line around Ditton Corner. Seeing our chance, Ben expertly guided us round after them, and with only a few hundred metres left of the course we lifted out of the corner hoping to catch them before the finish. Soon we had one whistle, and and determined to bump this time, we powered through to two whistles and then continuous. We kept going, and eventually bumped them just short of the railway bridge.