May Bumps 2013 – Division times, Marquee and Boat Naming!

This year’s May Bumps run from Wednesday 12th June to Saturday 15th June. Support from everyone and anyone would be most appreciated on every day of Bumps, but in particular KCBC will be hosting our annual marquee on First Post Corner from about midday on Saturday 15th June.

Our team at the marquee will be supplying refreshments throughout the day, from 10.30am – 6.30pm. The marquee is free to attend, and we will be selling a ‘Strawberries and Fizz ticket’ for £10. This ticket is worth 2 glasses of chilled fizz and a punnet of fresh strawberries with cream.

Even more exciting than the Marquee though is the Boat Naming Ceremony for the new Women’s First Boat, which will be held at 10:30am on Saturday 15th June at the Combined Boat House.

When it came to choosing a name for the new Women’s VIII one name sprang instantly to mind. Leo’s commitment to the Boat Club has begun to approach legend and as such she provides the perfect role model for female athletic achievement. Not only is she an accomplished rower (having competed for both College and University) but her commitment to the Club’s teams and committees over the years has proven invaluable. Her name on the bows of the new Stämplfi will preserve her hard work and dedication to the Boat Club and hopefully inspire every woman that rows in it to similar achievement.

Division times for each crew can be found in the table below, but they may be subject to change and delay.

Crew Wed-Fri Sat
M1 (Men’s First Division) 19:45 17:45
W1 (Women’s First Division Sandwich Boat) Div 2: 17:30, Div 1: 19:00 Div 2: 15:30, Div 1: 17:00
M2 (Men’s Third Division Sandwich Boat) Div 4: 15:15, Div 3: 16:45 Div 4: 13:15, Div 3: 14:45
W2 (Women’s Fourth Division) 14:30 12:30
M3 (Men’s Fifth Division) 13:45 11:45
W3 (Women’s Fourth Division) 14:30 12:30