May Bumps 2012 – Day 3 (Friday)

M3 – Bumped Robinson III
W2 – Rowed over
M2 – Bumped by Caius III
W1 – Rowed over
M1 – Bumped Trinity Hall I

M3 had a slow boat ahead with an even slower boat ahead of that. This provided a rather odd challenge, but the crew held its own and they managed to bump Robinson III, giving them a shot at a slow-as-molasses vessel in front for blades. Fingers crossed.

W2 were chasing Peterhouse, who got a technical bump off the start, and the four crews ahead of that also bumped out quickly leaving King’s with only the headship crew to chase. They pulled a few lengths away from the rest of the division by the reach, and started closing in on the triple overbump. They crossed the line just over two lengths behind Homerton W2, after starting 16.5 lengths behind them; a fantastic row which all of W2 should be extremely proud of.

M2 had a tough battle with Caius III, finally having to concede halfway up the Long Reach. The crew is proud of the result, however, and will be looking to take back Caius III, which will give them a shot at Churchill II to come out level overall.

W1 rowed over behind Peterhouse again, horrible wind causing steering for all coxes to be a problem and rowing sat to be difficult. Peterhouse got Churchill in the first div so we now have a pink boat in front. Today’s going to be tough as we have a Murray Edwards I boat behind us who are on for blades and Churchill in front who are on for spoons.

M1 had another day with Churchill behind, but today the boat ahead was one that was ready for the taking. Churchill made a desperate effort to outrun Girton, gaining about three quarters of a length, but were then taken off us, and the hunt for Trinity Hall was the only thing we had to worry about. We held together far better than any row before, which was a good thing too, given the very windy conditions. The overlap whistle came halfway through Grassy Corner, but Trinity Hall pulled away a bit in their lift out. This was short-lived, however, and after bow’s blade hit Trinity Hall’s stern about three times, they finally conceded in front of the Plough. Magdalene tomorrow, then Bumps Dinner! Numbers people will be pleased to hear that we wound to 44, and were still holding 36/37 in the headwind and the wash by the time we hit them.