May Bumps 2012 – Day 2 (Thursday)

M3 – Bumped Sidney Sussex III
W2 – Bumped Hughes Hall II
M2 – Rowed over head of Division 4, rowed over foot of Division 3
W1 – Rowed over 2nd in Division 2
M1 – Rowed over 15th in Division 1

M3 had an extremely short row, hitting Sidney Sussex III hard right after the motorway bridge.

W2 pulled into Hughes Hall W2 very quickly off the start, nearly bumping by first post corner. Unfortunately the confused cox (new to bumps)
asked the crew to hold it up (possibly hearing hold it up instead of overlap), allowing Hughes Hall to pull back away. Despite this King’s still
managed to bump before grassy with seven rowers as three broke her seat in the confusion, in a bump which nearly held up the rest of the division.

M2 rowed over solidly in the fourth division, giving them another shot at Queens’. However, the wear and tear of one row over meant that the best they could do was hold station, leading to a second row over for the day. Same again tomorrow!

W1 had a very similar row to yesterday. We got closer to the bump but rhythm messed up with a few crabbing issues down the wavey reach (it was a tad windy) which put us off our rhythm and we never really got it back. Tomorrow we aim to close that extra bit again, keep our focus and get them as they didn’t bump into Div 1. So we’re doing it all over again, again!

M1 was unlikely to catch Christ’s before they bumped out, so fairly early on we knew that there was a row over on the cards for us. Churchill came at us hell-for-leather, but didn’t manage to earn themselves more than one whistle, after which they broke and were pushed well away in an extremely solid row over. For the numbers people: our rate was 44 out of the wind, 40 up to the Plough, with a settle onto 38 on the Reach. We were told to wind down near the finish, but our refusal to drop the rate led to us not falling any further than 34, the rate at which we crossed the finish line.