May Bumps 2012 – Day 1 (Wednesday)

M3 – bumped Caius IV
W2 – rowed over
M2 – bumped by Queens’ III
W1 – rowed over
M1 – bumped Churchill I

M3 (or MBeer, as they prefer to be known) bumped Caius IV by first post corner, and are looking for an even speedier bump tomorrow.

W2 gained some ground on Peterhouse W2, however Peterhouse bumped out by first post corner. King’s pulled a few lengths away from all chasing crews and got to around 3 lengths away from the overbump on Fitzwilliam W2 on the reach, but ended with a solid row over.

M2 went well off the start, losing Queens’ quickly. They gained on Emma, coming to within half a length, but had some difficulty in the wash. Unfortunately, this was enough to allow Queens’ to close back in, leaving M2 down one for the first day. A row over at the head of division 4 will be a good start to day 2, and hopefully they’ll get their own back at Queens’.

W1 had a good solid performance today. A strong start pushing off the boats behind and gaining on Peterhouse W1 in front. Unfortunately Peterhouse managed to hold us off the bump, getting to a quarter of a length at one point but not managing to push on down the reach after the corners to close that extra bit. We easily pushed off Pembroke W2 behind us who nearly got bumped by Sidney W1 but in the end all 4 of us rowed over. A bit of carnage at the bottom of div 1 with Churchill crashing means that Peterhouse are still in front of us tomorrow – We’re ready to take them on again! Currently 2nd in Division 2.

M1 went off assuming that the crew behind would be chasing us up quickly, as they were quickest to bump us in the Lent Bumps (doing so halfway up first post reach). The crew ahead was one we could catch, so we thought we’d find ourselves in a win-or-lose scenario, without the possibility of a row over. Instead, after a start that gained them half a length, we were pushing Robinson away from us to where we didn’t have to worry about them, and we were eating up Churchill just as we thought we would be. Grinding them down took long enough, showing our inexperience in rowing in the wash of another crew (we didn’t get to practise this in the Lent Bumps!), but we did eventually hit them coming out of Ditton Corner, giving every single one of us our first Men’s First Division bump. For those who like numbers: the rate was close to 40 for most of the race, tapering down to around 37 when we hit Churchill. We are now 15th in Division 1.