Lent Bumps 2013 – Tuesday

M1 – Rowed over at Head of Div 2
With nothing ahead to bump, we knew that we were going out for the row over. However, at the head of the division, we had nothing but clear water to enjoy. Our plan was to push Downing II away off the start and settle into our cruising rhythm. Our start was fast, winding up into the mid 40s and settling around 38-39 after the full start sequence. Downing II were already falling away by this point so the crew began to relax. Will got momentarily worried when the rate started to drop off past the Plough, but was relieved when he turned around and saw that this was only because the crew had seen how far ahead we were. Nevertheless, we lifted up coming onto the reach just to guarantee safety, and the crew hit an awesome rhythm. Having safely seen off any competition, particularly after Fitz caught Downing, we settled down onto a comfortable rate 32, and then a slightly uncomfortable rate 28 after nagging from the bank, to take us over the line and towards the first division the next day.

M2 – Bumped Girton M2
The atmosphere in the boat was tense. For six of our crew this was the first Bumps and no one really knew what to expect. In front of us was Girton M2 – a boat that earned blades last year but who’s crew were looking slow in their recent races on the Cam. Chasing us, Lady Margaret M3, who we were sure we could hold off. Starting at station 12, we were in a perfect position to hold a straight racing line up to the motorway bridge and hopefully gain quickly on the boat in front. Confidence was high.

As the starting cannon fired, all pre-race nerves fled and we executed one of the cleanest starts we’ve ever achieved (this is a relative measure – so still not perfect). The first phase of the race went exactly to plan and we gained rapidly on Girton from the start. As we settled down into our pace, whistles were coming quickly – but so were Lady Margaret. Staying focused; we kept driving forward and made consistent ground, reeling in the meters between us and Girton, successfully bumping just past the motorway bridge. A great first day and a very short race for King’s M2!