Lent Bumps – Saturday

W1 – Bumped Peterhouse W1, now Head of Div 2


M1 – Rowed over 16th in Div 1


Written by: Neil Paul

Down three in three days – so far this week had been one we’d rather forget. All we wanted was a good race, a chance to get onto the race rhythm we knew we had – we’d been outgunned in the first 500m on each of the last three days. Today was our chance to draw a line in the sand, to halt the freefall of King’s M1. We had Fitz behind; a crew that had performed similarly to us all term.

We had left the Boathouse yesterday with our heads down, and Chris Smith knew it. Today he called on our trump card – Lachlan Jardine – to get us fired up before the race. Lachlan yelled at us during our warm-up on the ergs, then he yelled at us a bit more on our warm-up to the Lock “believe in yourselves”. By the time we hopped out of the boat at marshalling, the crew was a completely different beast – we were starting to believe that we actually belonged in the First Division.

Magdalene were now sandwich boat (chasing Fitz). At marshalling, one of their crew members sidled up to us and out of the side of his mouth he whispered “just hold out for 1km”. The cheek of it!

Down at the start line Lachlan gave us one last pep talk before we jumped in the boat for the starting gun. The start was clean and we attacked First Post Reach. We held Fitz on station, which gave us all a great deal of confidence – maybe we could actually do this. Through the corners we hit our race rhythm – we had a few wobbles, but every time we’d lift it straight back up. Coming around Ditton, Fitz got to within a length, but we stopped them there. We couldn’t give in now, not on the last day. As we crossed the finish line, we couldn’t help but let out a yell. Back at the Boathouse, we chatted down the race, full of relief, breathless. It turns out we didn’t need Magdalene to come to the rescue – in fact, they were nowhere to be seen!


W2 – Bumped Clare Hall W1, now 11th in Div 3


M2 – Bumped (overtook) Queens’ M3, now 17th in Div 3


M3 – Rowed over 6th in Div 4