Lent Bumps Day 5 (3/3/12)

M1 – Bumped by Selwyn M1

Unfortunately, it was a case of another day, another place moved down in the charts. We knew that the Selwyn crew chasing us had shown some fairly impressive speed throughout the term, but having sparred with them recently, we thought that we should be able to at least match them. Sadly it wasn’t the case as they went off the start looking like a crew that didn’t want to row the full course, having already rowed it once earlier in the day. We went off the start with plenty of aggression, but the pressure of a crew closing in on us showed, as they pushed us all the way up first post reach. The bump eventually came at first post corner, with us having stayed on station with Catz in front, who decided to take a trip into the bank just after we stopped chasing them! A fairly disappointing end to the week, but the crew can consider themselves very unlucky to have got spoons given the standard of some of the crews in the division.

M2 – bumped by Girton M2