Lent Bumps Day 3 (1/3/12)

M1 – Bumped by Robinson M1

M1 had a very good row-down and felt confident in the favourable conditions. A clean start lead into a good early pace, but the crew was
quickly unsettled by an equally good start from the chasing Robinson boat, and they caught us before first post corner. A gutting result and we need
to do much better for the next two days.

W1 – Bumped Selwyn W1:

After the carnage of the lower boats we finally got under way up to the start. No practice starts so we did a few rolling ones that went well. Spinning at position 16 again this was the day that we were going to get off this spot. The 4 minute cannon went just as we’d pulled in, they were running very late and wanted things to get under way quickly. We were pushed out ready at front stops for the cannon.

Bang: We missed a few strokes on the start and things were a bit messy but as the crew knows the start is not our strength. We lengthened it out and had lost a little on Churchill behind and apparently a lot on Selwyn in front. Not to worry we got into a nice rhythm very quick, kept it very long and relaxed and just pushed. Under the motorway bridge we’d pushed Churchill back and were leaving them behind nicely, no whistles yet. Out of
the corner of my eye I saw Churchill pulling over after being bumped by Peterhouse relaxing the crew slightly. We powered it into first post corner
where our brilliant cox, Nicole, took a fine line. This is where our strength really lies, in the middle of the course lifting it out of the
corners into power 10’s to intimidate the crew in front. And I think this is where we heard Roger call ‘you’re just off a length girls’ and then
after grassy we could here the horns after another spectacular corner by cox and the bows. Coming into Plough reach we lifted it up and pushed onto Selwyn, hearing the cheers from The Plough as it was a close one. Nicole took another AMAZING line down plough reach to hit Ditton right on the sweet spot where 2 and 4 could power us around. As we straightened up and we could hear the horns right next to us Nicole’s voice changed, meaning business, she called a lift and then power 10 which is when we collided with Selwyn 7’s blade causing her to crab and get us the bump.

Nicole apparently took half a length off them on Ditton corner and Selwyn had overlap at points during the course with Magdalene in front of them. An amazing row girls, we really showed our class on this one.