Lent Bumps Day 1 (28/2/12)

M2 – rowed over:

An inexperienced M2 with 6 Bumps virgins nervously awaited the cannon. They
achieved a very clean start, easily the best they’ve ever managed. They
lost about half a boat-length on Clare II before reaching First Post
Corner, where disaster struck. One of the rowers almost lost their blade
after it jumped out of the gate. The crew dropped down to 6 rowers whilst
the blade was returned to its place. They swiftly wound back up as soon as
they had the full crew and managed to get back up to race pace for the
second half of plough reach. By this stage the two crews behind had bumped
out, giving M2 ample opportunity to get it back together. They began a
whole new race coming out of Ditton Corner, with a stunning power ten down
the long reach which saw them clear of any danger. Pulling away from
Morley’s Holt they wound it down – misinformed by the marshall – taking a
well-earned break before they wound it back up, having realised their
mistake. Their break allowed them to launch back off to a picture perfect
finish; a highly commendable row over for King’s M2.

W1 – bumped by Churchill W1:

The inexperience in the crew showed as we got a crab in the start
and Churchill I ploughed into us.