Lent Bumps 2019 – Wednesday

After a disappointing start yesterday, M1, M2, and W2 took to the water, aiming to make up for yesterday's bumps. W1 had their rest day today, and will return to the river tomorrow, hoping to regain their position in the first division after an unfortunate start to their campaign.

Aggregate results after Wednesday:

M1day off+3 (Girton)
W1-1 (Fitz)day off
W2-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)
M2-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)

M1: Over-bumped Girton

Written by Matt Else

M1 rowing back after a successful race (Photo by Will Miller)

M1 rowed last, surrounded by fast crews, chasing Magdalene and being chased by Emmanuel, at station 17 in the first division. After a shaky start off the gun, we recovered quickly, hitting rate 45 off our lengthens and moving onto a strong, sustainable rhythm. As we came under the A14 bridge, it became apparent that Magdalene were going to catch Churchill ahead of them, leaving us with the prospect of overbumping Girton if we were to avoid rowing over the whole course.

We were confident it could be done, and soon shouts from the bank told us that we were four lengths away from Girton. To the pleasant surprise of the crew, the gap shortly became three lengths, then two, reaching inside station shortly before first post corner, leading to the first over-bump in the Men's first division since 2010 on the apex of first post corner. As a result, M1 has moved up to 14th in the first division, looking forward to chasing Queens' tomorrow afternoon and relishing the challenge of pushing away from a strong Magdalene crew.

M2: Bumped by Queens' III

Written by Moritz von Haacke

After a mediocre day on Tuesday, King’s M2 was adamant to show a good result by rowing over ahead of Queens’ M3, but with a somewhat rushed start and worsening conditions past the motorway bridge, the Queens’ crew was able to capitalise. They received a whistle slightly before first post corner, and then made contact with our stern shortly after.

W2: Bumped by Darwin II

Written by Alex Murray

W2 staying cheerful, rowing back after being bumped. Photo by Giorgio Divitini

After a somewhat disappointing start on Tuesday, W2 were back and raring to go for day two of bumps. Being chased by our long-standing nemeses, Darwin, we knew this race was going to be a tough one. We had a great start and soon settled into a nice strong pace. We were even gaining on Medwards! Alas, it wasn’t enough: Darwin got one whistle, then two, and despite some great ‘lift’ calls from Charles they soon caught us. We may have taken a hit, but we’ll be back on Friday ready to bump!