Lent Bumps 2019 – Tuesday

Yesterday, on Tuesday, three of King's Lent crews: W1, W2 and M2 began their campaigns, with M1 starting with a rest day. Individual race reports follow below:

W1: Bumped by Fitzwilliam

Written by Amanda McHugh

Kitted out with matching sunglasses and purple war paint, King’s W1, the majority of whom had never actually done bumps before, were ready to take on the Cam and row over in glorious fashion (rumour has it that if you all have co-ordinating kit on you get a second off your split). After what seemed like an age, and a couple of questionable renditions of Total Eclipse of the Heart, we were ready to row up to our station and row over the whole course. However, this was not to be: out of nowhere, Fitz were on us, and although we held our own for a fair while, they caught us, and we had to concede, but not before our stroke’s rigger came down on their bow and carved a nice little line out of it. Overall, although it wasn’t the result we’d hoped for, W1 proved that we were ready to fight, and the next days of bumps should be, at the very least, very exciting.

W2: (Over-)bumped by Trinity Hall II

Written by Marie-Julie Cnudde

The first day of W2s bumps campaign didn’t exactly go to plan. The last boat to arrive at marshalling (the crew had been distracted by our flashy new leg warmers and “festival style” war paint), the girls thought they could pull it off. Someone on bumpit had even gone so far to predict W2, or colloquially KCBABESC, would DOUBLE OVERBUMP on St Edmunds W1. The crew was hyped rowing towards the start. The practice start fast. And then the wait. The cannons. The first stroke. The start was snappy and fast, W2 were gaining on Queens W2, Murray Edwards trailing behind. And then, crab. The boat was rocked. The recovery wasn’t happening. Medwards were gaining but alas, they conceded. Their cox’s hand shot up for a minuscule second, so fast that neither cox, bank party or Marshall noticed. W2 were still loosing speed with chaos amongst those that could still row. The Medwards boat was clearing and as their bowball passed the Kings cox, Kings W2 conceded and pulled into the bank, unaware of the tragedy that was to follow when Trinity Hall W2 continued past, overbumping W2, in the most unlucky of ways.

M2: Bumped by Caius III

Written by Paul Kearns

We chatted a lot about our ability to quickly bump Peterhouse II, but were sadly but squarely beaten by a very fast Caius III, which rumour has it is their first postgrad boat.