Lent Bumps 2019 – Thursday

After a mixed start to KCBC's bumps campaign, Thursday set things firmly back on track, with bumps by both of our first boats, a row-over by M2 and a day off for W2.

Aggregate results after Thursday:

M1+4day off+3 (Girton)+1 (Queens')
W10-1 (Fitz)day off+1 (Lucy Cavendish)
W2-4-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)day off
M2-2-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)row-over

W1: Bumped Lucy Cavendish

Written by Amanda McHugh

W1 celebrating after a well-deserved bump on Lucy Cavendish

After a day off the water, W1 were back and ready fight, with only two options: bump or be bumped. When the cannon went for Division 2, W1 were off like a rocket (despite a slightly shaky start), and almost immediately the horn sounded, telling us that we were a length off Lucy Cavendish. From then on it was a mix of adrenaline-fuelled power and exemplar coxing that allowed us to bump in no time, although Lucy Cavendish’s unwillingness to concede led to a rather aggressive bump. Immediately after racing in division two came our first division race, with us once again facing Fitz, although now we were chasing them instead of the other way around. After a rather monumental crab, which was very nicely recovered from, we rowed over the whole course, through somewhat biblical weather, and more than anything we were glad to get back into the warm and dry, with the added bonus of having restored our glorious sandwichy status.

M1: Bumped Queens'

Written by Adam Townson

King's M1 bumping Queens' - Video by William Connolley

The overbump on the first day of racing had given us confidence that we could have a strong campaign, but we knew that the second day of racing was important; we were either bumping Queens' or getting bumped by a fast Magdalene crew. Horrible windy and wet conditions added to the theatre of the day. The canon fired and first division was off. We had an OK start, but never found the strong and sustainable rhythm that we had work so hard on all term. Magdalene were closing gradually but coming up first post reach we began to get whistles to signal were closing on Queens’.

Coming around first post we had overlap, but calls from the bank told us to hold it up. A blocked river lay ahead after some boats failed to clear. A re-row was called, so we spun around and rowed back down to our station. The canons fired again, and we were off for a second time. We had a much more controlled start, and stepped onto a far more relaxed and long rhythm. From this rhythm, we got what we deserved. We pulled away from Magdalene coming up first post reach and were fast closing in on Queens’. We knew they would break eventually and an excellent line coming around first post corner ensured the bump. We come back tomorrow, hungry for a another one.

M2: Rowed Over

Written by Will Ransom

We started feeling sad after yesterday and didn't want to get bumped again, but we rowed really hard despite the awful conditions and managed to secure a juicy row over.