Lent Bumps 2019 – Saturday

On the final day of this year's Lent Bumps, KCBC had a very successful day, with bumps for M1 and M2, and row-overs for W1 and W2. Well done to all crews who took part, from both King's and the other colleges, and especially to those who competed in Bumps for the first time!

Having made a name for themselves in both Mays 2018 and Lents 2019, our first men's boat end the week in 12th position, coincidentally the same position they will be starting Mays next term. The first women's boat end the week at the top of the second division, one above their start position next term.

The final overall results are shown below:

M1+5day off+3 (Girton)+1 (Queens')row-over+1 (Clare)
W10-1 (Fitz)day off+1 (Lucy Cavendish)row-overrow-over
W2-5-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)day off-1 (Newnham III)row-over
M2-1-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)row-overrow-over+1 (Peterhouse II)

M1: Bumped Clare

Written by Adam Townson

After a frustrating Friday for M1, we were all focused on delivering our best performance on the final day of Bumps to round off a successful campaign. We began the week at 17th position on the river, but knew that bumping Clare on the final day would give us a finishing position of 12th. We were being chased by Magdalene. They are regarded as a fast boat, but we had shown earlier in the week that we could walk away from them and were confident that a good row from us would ensure we would walk away again and bump Clare. We had a very good warm-up and our practice start was the best we had delivered all term. We finished the row down to the start and awaited the four-minute canon.

The start canon boomed and we got away fast. Calls from the bank told us we were MOOVINGGG. We came out of our start sequence and found our rhythm coming through the railway bridge. Our attack was rewarded with our first whistle. By this point, we were outside station from Magdalene, and could relax and turn our focus solely to bumping Clare. The whistles kept coming and we showed no signs of making it a slog. We bumped Clare before first post corner. It was the perfect end to a great campaign.

W1: Row-over

Written by Izzy Hogan

Having experienced being bumped, bumping and several rowovers we were determined to gain during Saturdays racing. As sandwich boat being chased by Peterhouse we knew we’d have it tough. But the whistle blows from their coach never lasted long as we consistently pulled away, leaving Darwin to bump them out. To try to break into div 1 we agreed that we’d step it all out in the first two minutes - a tactic that was working as a solid start resulted in a length whistle. This 2 minutes turned to 10 as Queens managed to keep their distance for the rest of the piece. But we finished with our heads held high, defending our position at the top of div 2.

M2: Bumped Peterhouse II

Written by Will Ransom

We started the day as the M4/M3 sandwich boat, so we had to row twice, which we did very well by walking away from Wolfson II, but we were scared going into the final race of bumps, so we worked hard and got a bump on Peterhouse II at Ditton Corner, and now we are happy.

W2: Rowed-over

Written by Francesca Lisle

It was the last day and therefore the last attempt for W2 to avoid SuperSpoons. Tensions were high. The row down involved weather from all four seasons - there was a whole lot of wind, some rain with intermittent periods of sunshine. We set off down to the lock to start the race. The 4 minute canon went off followed in no time at all by the 1 minute canon. We set off and had a good start pulling away from Clare Hall W1 behind us. We maintained the distance for a while until they started closing in on us on the reach down to first post corner. We were a three boat sandwich with Emma W3 on the heels of Clare Hall W1.

At this point William Connolly decided he wanted in on the action and got on his bike to follow us down. Charles (our cox) took a glorious line round first post corner which meant we were able to push away from Clare Hall who took a much wider line. Emma then soared in with an equally glorious line, bumping Clare Hall. The cheers were abundant... most of which seemed to be coming from the Kings W2 boat who had fought off the SuperSpoons and could now look at getting Newnham W3 back for their bump on us yesterday. We pushed on and rowed hard all the way down to the reach.

Newnham W3 in front of us then caught a crab and our bank party were besides themselves telling us to go and catch them at their moment of weakness. We closed in. There was a whistle. There was one boat length distance between us. Spurred on by the shouts of people on the bank (our bank parties had doubled in size at this point as more people decided to follow the action) Newnham managed to pull away and we continued to the finish line... or what we thought was the finish line. Our bank party quickly spurred us on to the correct finish line. We crossed it and erupted into great celebration at our row over. The M3 boats marshalling at the P&E had seemed slightly confused at such celebration for what appeared to be an average rowover. Little did they know we had just won our long hard fight against SuperSpoons!