Lent Bumps 2019 – Friday

Past the half-way point of this year's Lents, Friday saw row-overs from M1, W1 and M2, and W2 bumped by Newnham III.

Aggregate results after Friday:

M1+4day off+3 (Girton)+1 (Queens')row-over
W10-1 (Fitz)day off+1 (Lucy Cavendish)row-over
W2-5-3 (Trinity Hall II)-1 (Darwin II)day off-1 (Newnham III)
M2-2-1 (Caius III)-1 (Queens' III)row-overrow-over

M1: Row-over

Written by Neil Paul

Day 3 of Bumps for M1 has been another dramatic one. Today we were chasing Trinity Hall, who were chasing Clare. After seeing Queens' gain on Trinity Hall off the start yesterday, we were confident that we could catch Trinity Hall. The big question was – could we catch Trinity Hall before they caught Clare? As the four minute cannon fired, the rain began to fall heavily and the wind picked up. Station 13 gave us a straight line to First Post Corner, and we intended to capitalise on it. After a solid start we hit a strong rhythm coming into the Motorway Bridge. About halfway up First Post Reach we got our first whistle – we were moving on Trinity Hall.

Coming into First Post Corner we started getting two whistles, but we could also sense that Trinity Hall were gaining rapidly on Clare. The water became very choppy. Vicky steered us safely through the carnage in the Gut, skilfully avoiding Peterhouse (whose stern blocked the racing line into Grassy Corner). As we came out of the corner, we heard calls from the bank saying that we had to go now, before Trinity Hall finished off Clare. We lifted and got to within 1/4 of a length when we were told to hold it up. Trinity Hall had bumped Clare. We were given a technical row-over. It was not the result we had hoped for, but it was still a good race between three good crews. It was all the more thrilling for the spectators at the Plough, who got to see the final few strokes unfold in front of their eyes. We had a determined row back to the Boathouse, closely followed by Magdalene. The unsavoury comments from their bank party will help to spur us on tomorrow, away from them and, hopefully, into Clare. We did it on Day 2, we can do it again.

W1: Row-over

Written by Amanda McHugh

Following a successful second day of racing, W1 were back on the water and ready to take on another day of bumps, in far better weather than the previous day. As sandwich boat, our aim was once again to row over, hopefully this time without getting caught. We had every confidence that this would be the case, and indeed it was: a successful row over at the top of Division 2 put us at the bottom of Division 1 to chase Queens’. We didn’t catch them despite a strong row over, but overall we were in a good position to take on the final day of bumps.

W2: Bumped by Newnham III

Written by Ranjani Parthasarathy

Going into Friday’s race, W2 were fully focused and determined to change our luck. We pushed out on a bright afternoon and had a clear racing line for our strong start, which pushed us away from Newnham behind. We could see Clare Hall gaining on Newnham, and were fairly confident that we’d be rowing over (or trying to catch Darwin), when the first of two disasters struck: another boat that had cleared was blown back onto the course and forced us to put on the rudder to avoid a crash. Some brilliant coxing by Charles kept us clear of the boat, but we lost some of the distance we’d opened up on Newnham. We struggled to regain our composure and Clare Hall fell away from Newnham, freeing Newnham to start walking up on us. Although we fought to avoid the bump, holding Newnham away from the overlap and not conceding until the bump looked certain, W2 did sadly go down in the rankings today. We sprang back by belting out ABBA songs all the way home, and are ready to take on bumps again tomorrow! 

W2 remaining cheerful on their row home, after being bumped on Thursday.

M2: Row-over

Written by Moritz von Haacke

In conditions far better than yesterday, the M2 crew were excited to push Queens' M3 back into the division they belonged, but Queens' caught Peterhouse M2 and we rowed over.