Lent Bumps 2017 – Wednesday

M1 – Bumped by Clare M1, now 14th in Div 1

Written by: Hans Verschueren

The first race of the men’s first VIII promised to be a tough one. Clare, the crew chasing, had shown in previous races to be among the fastest on the Cam. The boat chased by King’s, Churchill only just beat us in Pembroke Regatta and we knew we gained a lot since then. Hence, the tactic of the day was simple:  fly or die.

The start was excellent, with good composure and most importantly, it was fast. The rough conditions did not affect us and soon we were gaining on Churchill. Half way on first post reach, we had already taken half a length out of the one-and-a-half boat lengths separation at which the crews start. However, Clare also had a great start and confirmed their reputations as one of the fastest crews on the river. They were gaining quickly. We did not give in and made them fight for their bump. Although they were right on our tails, the crew held the heads in the boat and continued to row strong and consistent. Finally, just before first post corner, the bow of Clare made contact with the vibrant white-and-purple hull of our boat, the Adrian Cadbury. At the moment we were bumped, we got to within ¾ of a length of Churchill.

Even though this was not the result we were after, there was a lot of positives to take away from this race. As this is still a relatively inexperienced crew, with middle four never having rowed bumps before, we had great composure and speed. We kept moving well in the wash of Churchill and with Clare right in front. In conclusion, we rowed well but got beaten by an even faster crew.


W2 – Rowed over 13th in Div 3

Written by: Dylan Whitaker

As we carried the boat out under foreboding grey skies, we were receiving many a side glance from Churchill W2 who were out for revenge. As we marshalled up, the whole boat was on edge that boiled to a head when a gate screw popped open. However, being the well-oiled machine we are, we swiftly returned to our normal tall and proud position on the river as we graciously sailed into the bank at marshalling. We struck fear into the hearts of Downing W2 with our war cry before cheering the lads for their huge bumps. Before we knew it, the cannon fired and W2 were off. Flying down the start, we knew we had to push hard to make gains on Downing, however the carnage on the Cam dashed our plans of a cheeky bump. By first post corner Churchill had moved to one length and the river ahead was clear. We were chasing a triple over-bump. After a technical reset and feeding off the cheers of all the other crews, King’s W2 was back. We flew down the plough reach even having time to pose for a few photos. The reach was windy. Did that perturb us? Absolutely not! We stuck the knife in and pushed back to a huge 3 length from Churchill spurred on by Freya’s blood-curdling scream of “Do NOT drop the rate”. Winding it down over the line we knew we gave it our all and deserve to spend the night carb-loading. We’re already excited to chase down ARU on Friday.


M2 – Bumped Sidney Sussex M2, now Head of Div 4

Written by: Alastair Goodman

The Heavies were hopeful. With two of the heaviest heavies (in the form of Gooders and Shuowang) back in the crew, we felt united again.  The Morning was bright and crisp, and in some way seemed to indicate to us that we were in for a good day of bumps.  We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy day of rowing, with it being likely for us to row twice, but we didn’t let that loom over our shoulders. A solid warm up to some classic 80’s tunes (besides Siggi who pranced around with his headphones on) and we were ready to hit the water. The row down seemed clean enough, fairly sat and unfairly powerful. After a few practice starts to get us in the mood, we arrived at our station and parked up. Some nervous murmurs could be heard around the Turing machine, but a wise word from 7 man Townson got us all ready for action “Row well boys, some girls might be watching”.

BANG, before we knew it, the cannon was off. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the cleanest we have ever rowed, in fact, it was even close. An almost non-existent start, followed by some serious spannering somewhere around the 3 seat, led us all the way to the reach before we caught Sidney, but, the moral of this story is; a bump is a bump, and that’s exactly how we responded.

Race 2 was next, back down to marshalling in the same fashion as before, except this time we were at the other end of the field. We knew what went wrong in the previous race, and we sort of knew how to fix it, so with that in the front of our mind, we were ready again. This time we had Clare on the menu, we knew they were strong and we knew that an over bump on Jesus may be needed, so thoughts on how to pace ourselves differed in the boat. Another BANG. 2 draws and 5 much cleaner winds later and we were up to speed. We didn’t seem to be catching Clare, but they for sure weren’t pulling away. If it wasn’t for Queens in front of them I’d say we would have bumped, but unfortunately for us it looked like we needed to over bump. We didn’t let this get us down however, and we chomped onwards towards the next boat in the river Jesus III. Things got more unfortunate after Jesus bumped the boat in front of them. Jesus Jesus. After this it was quickly realised that we wouldn’t be able to catch anyone else, and that brought our day of bumping to an end. The heavies may be back in division 4, but mark my words, we will return.

A quick thank you to @StevenGeorge for failing to bring us a cox-box in time.


M3 – Bumped St Edmund’s M2, now 7th in Div 4

Written by: Danny Jenkins

After a disappointing result of day 1 of bumps M3 were ready to get the official bump we all knew we deserved. The row down was significantly less nervous than yesterday’s with the crew sporting their new splash jackets, obviously adding 30% speed to the boat and further motivation to prove what KCBC is made of. Sandwiched between St Edmund’s M2 and Caius M4, we knew we could turn the hope for a bump into a reality following Edmund’s trip into the bank yesterday, the real test came from Caius M4 who would be chasing us down. The start was significantly more clinical than yesterdays, with the boat having a functional cox box today, and we immediately started making ground on Edmunds, Caius however had had an even better start and made up their own ground. The contest was heated from the start, with Caius visibly catching, but coming up to First Post corner, M3 put on the legs and pushed them away, and successfully bumping Edmunds as we came around the corner. This corner had seen plenty of carnage however, leading to a collision with Caius as they attempted to multiple overbump, or they just didn’t take their defeat overly well, who really knows?