Lent Bumps 2017 – Tuesday

W1 – Rowed over 4th in Div 2

Written by: Rachael Baker

After sitting in the freezing rain for what felt like forever we rowed down to the start. Freezing hands meant our practice start was anything but perfect but W1 weren’t shaken. Our start was strong and in not time at all we could hear Roger blowing the horn to signal we were close to Homerton. Unfortunately they caught Magdalene before we could catch them which left us with Fitz on our tails. They gave us a scare but a gut wrenching lift half down the reach let us pull away and clear of the chance of being bumped. They’ll be coming for us again on Thursday but we know we can take them now!


W2 – Bumped Churchill W2, now 13th in Div 3

Written by: Martha Crass

Having engaged in some horseplay on the bank at marshalling, when W2 climbed back into the Jolly Roger at the P&E it was with the composure and focus of those prepared to take out anyone in their path. Unfortunately this began with the premature death of a worm who had dared to venture into the way of the formidable Alizee, but the rest of the boat took this as a premonition signalling the tragic fate we hoped would befall our competition. Alas, this moment of buoyancy was short-lived with the arrival of saddening news concerning the King’s men’s side. Determined to row proudly for KCBC, we took a deep breath and began to clamber back into the boat. While this race may have lacked the Haribo that spurred us on in the getting-on race, and the splash jackets that we had been ensured would be delivered in time for racing that day, what we did have was worrying inexperience and an all-consuming horror at the events about to unfold. Only Freya and Jess kept cool heads under pressure, two Vice-Captains reunited once more to vanquish the competition and guide their young protégés to victory – it was quite the touching occasion for all involved.

Soon the moment was upon us; the four-minute cannon sounded, and with it various gasps, shrieks, and blood-curdling screams (although this may just have been the fear induced in the opposition by our menacing purple bobble hats). When we were once more composed, we de-kitted and began to retreat into our meditative state as a boat. The minute cannon sounded. Forty seconds. Thirty. We pushed out. Anna had a firm grasp on the large metal rod, and Dylan was gripping the plug keenly in anticipation. Characteristically unpunctual, we rolled up at the last second and held our positions. With the sound of the final cannon ringing in our ears, we began to draw, and the sound of feet slamming into footplates and blades knifing through the air mingled with whistles and a hysterical, unintelligible cacophony from the bank.

Our start was solid, our lengthens somewhat untidy, our actual rowing…unusual. W2 are aware that some boats prefer to row in a synchronised fashion, but tactically, for this race, we had opted for a staggered style of rowing. Students of King’s College are known for being unafraid to rock the boat, and we took this sentiment quite literally as we charged down the Cam after Churchill’s W2. Scrappy though we may have been, a term’s worth of power ergs and ludicrous overeating had clearly paid off. We bumped Churchill within minutes, valiantly catching two crabs as we did so. We swiftly held it dead, moved out of the way of the oncoming boats (causing only one minor-to-moderately severe blade clash as we did so), and began to celebrate. We paddled back to the boathouse at steady state and got in some brief rate practice, although stern pair firmly put a swift end to Dylan’s suggestion we sprint for a ‘minute of glory’. Victory was ours.


M2 – Bumped by Clare M3, now 2nd in Div 4

Written by: Ed Miller

The first day of the Lent Bumps looked promising for M2. The air was cool, the sun was shining, and the water was calm and ready to take the immense weight of the “Turing Machine”, filled with 8 of the meanest rowers to ever crab their way onto the Cam. We had a clear task before us: row over at the top of division 4 (historically the most prestigious division of the bumps – nothing less for the King’s Heavies). Clare M3 was chasing: a strong crew, but one we had already exerted cool dominance over in two head races this term. The paddle up to our start position was uneventful; slamming down onto bow side every 3 strokes is how the Heavies usually operate. BOOM. The 4 minute gun. This was it. It was about to go down. We were back in the boat, ready to race. 30 seconds, push out. 12, forward to front stops. 8, blades in. DRAW 1, DRAW 2, WIND 1, AIRSTROKE 2, WIND 3, … and we were off! The race down to first post reach, then through the gut, seemed to pass in no time at all, and before we knew it the boat was on Ditton corner, and Clare were making serious gains. It wasn’t long before they had clambered up onto 7’s blade – what was happening? What had gone wrong? A blur of whistles, and that was it: we’d been bumped. Our hopes had been dashed, but this will drive us on to row with all the more fury tomorrow. The Heavies’ Bumps campaign isn’t over yet.


M3 – Rowed over 8th in Div 4

Written by: Matthew Else

After a successful few weeks, reaching the semi-finals of Pembroke Regatta, qualifying for Lents and recording an improved time for the Getting On race course over Newnham Short Course, M3 went into their first day of bumps cautiously optimistic, hoping to make early progress in (for almost all of us) our first bumps campaign. It was to our surprise then, that as we pushed off the bank and waited for the starting cannon that something was a little too quiet. As it turns out, our cox-box had stopped working while we were marshalling, and so it was down to the crew to tie in together as we went through the start.

Shockingly, despite the lack of motivation from our cox, Abi Pearce, the crew managed to stay strong, lifting out of the first two corners and settling into our race rhythm. As we gradually gained on Churchill M3, we were spurred on by brief moments of a working cox box and a lively bank party. Lifting out of Ditton Corner, we finally managed to get what we’d been working for all term, a bump on the first day of Lents. Or so we thought. Unfortunately, St Edmund’s M2 had crashed on Ditton Corner, and as a result, Churchill were awarded the overbump, and we had to settle for a technical rowover. Although a disappointing result, the crew should look forward to the challenge of being chased by Caius M4, and chasing St Edmund’s M2.