Lent Bumps 2016 – Thursday

W1 – Rowed over
After a very strong row from W1 chasing Tit Hall on Tuesday which resulted in us rowing over, Tit Hall went on to bump Magdelene down meaning they were our next opponents for our 2nd race of Lent Bumps. Bumping Magdelene and, in turn, gaining our first bump of the week was certainly within our reach so we went in with confidence that we could do this.

We got off to a great start, narrowing Magdelene’s lead to a mere half a length within the first minute or so, reflecting our strong start. Roger and our fabulous bank party shouted enthusiastically from the bank, and we heard the sound of the horn, confirming our threat to Maggie. Alas, no, the same thing happened as in said race against Tit Hall. After our impressive start, the crew didn’t manage to progress any further, losing our ground on Magdelene, even with our best efforts. Despite constant encouragement from Ellen, who coined the wonderful chant: “DESTROY 1, DESTROY 2, DESTROY 3…” in an attempt to boost our progress again, Magdelene extended their lead.

Nevertheless, W1 gave a brilliant row, with every person putting in their all (to the point some of us wondered whether people were about to collapse). Safe distance was kept between us and Lucy Cavendish who had bumped Selwyn behind us painfully quickly, and we took it home at a good pace, with everyone suitably exhausted. Anyway, Magdelene had to go and row again (which we would have had to do had we bumped) and we went home and ate cake, so who is the real winner here?

Friday’s race is going to be intense, with Lucy Cavendish on our tails and another chance to bump Maggie and sail up into the top division. Bring it on. YEAH KINGS!

M2 – Bumped by Queens’
The third day of bumps began auspiciously for KCBC M2. During their start Hughes Hall crabbed, suggesting that revenge might be had by the boys of the second boat on the Dinosaurs of the hated Graduate college. So, the boys lined up between Queens and Hughes, fairly confident of at least rowing over. The start was fairly sharp too and gains were made around first post corner. Hughes were in sight. Alas, the lines came a little hashed, and before they knew it, the boys had Queens breathing down their neck into the gut. Yet there was a heroic effort to lift the boys to get through that bit of river, but alas, as we lifted so too did our enemies. Into plow reach the boys were failing, and a hair’s length from their position the previous, the boys were forced to concede to the faster crew.

M1 – Bumped by Christ’s
Thursday started of with an exceptionally good row down. We were surprised the day before by how fast behind us where and we knew that if we wanted to catch them, we would have to go off hard. We also knew that the Christ’s crew behind us had been chasing us for the past few years and were very determined to catch us.

Off the start, we hit the high forties, settled on 42 and raced to First post corner exactly how we planned to, holding Christ’s at bay. As soon as we hit the corners, we did not manage to maintain this top end speed, having focussed slightly too much on rowing as well as we could, instead of as hard. A strong lift out of Grassy saw us step away for a moment but then they countered with an equally strong push and closed the distance to a canvas. Coming into Ditton, Will took a very tight line, but Christ’s narrowly managed to clip our stern with their bow. Had they missed, we might have had a chance to hold them off on the reach, but alas. The row home was very strong.