Lent Bumps 2015 – Thursday

M2 – Rowed over Head of Division 4 and Sandwich Boat
It was a long day for M2 again, rowing as the sandwich boat for the second time. In our first race we had to stay ahead of Fitz, who had bumped Robinson yesterday – the pressure was on. A great start let us easily pull ahead of the boats behind and swiftly through the calm water, enjoying one of the smoothest races we’ve ever done. As yesterday, we immediately turned around after the race and headed all the way back to the lock for the second instalment of the day. We were last in the division behind Tit Hall, feeling ready for our fast bump, and keen to avoid being the sandwich boat again tomorrow. A decent start gave us hope, but form dropped soon after and the outflow knocked us off some. Despite this rocky period, we began to gain on Tit Hall, but a third of the way through the course a siren sounded and all the boats in the second half of the division rushed to hold it up as a “dangerous” situation unfolded ahead. Uncertainty lingered over the boat as well pulled in to await instructions – was this it for the day? Was the race over? But no, news came that the last seven boats were to head back to the start and rerun the race. Energy was waning from the cold and damp as the prospect of effectively the third race of the day loomed over us. The crews ahead of Tit Hall had bumped out, so we had a second chance to move up of the sandwich boat position. Grim determination set in after the third start of the day, surely this was our chance? Fortune, however did not favour the brave today. We chased Tit Hall down the entire length of the course, we gained on the corners but they pulled ahead on the straights; never more than two boat lengths away but never less than one. In the end, all was in vain; they had the advantage of smooth water while we were rapidly being drained. Tomorrow, however, we will be hot on their tails.

M1 – Bumped St. Catharine’s
Our bank party had told us how well Girton had started on the first day, gaining another length on us, so we knew they would come at us equally fast, if not faster, today. Prepared for this, we aimed to nail the start and row our race. As predicted, Girton got to within a length down First Post reach, after making large gains on us through the motorway bridge. At this point we started to hold them, knowing we were gaining even faster on St. Catharine’s. As we had already experienced Clare gaining on us the day before, Girton’s assault was no cause for distress and we dealt with it strongly. Hearing three whistles as we lifted into First Post corner, we soon had overlap on St. Catharine’s and an encouraging “go! go! go!” from Will led to our final leap onto them and a swift concession from their cox. The aftermath of our bump, and Girton and Robinson’s proximity, led to them having to hold it up in the gut, resulting in a rerow.

W1 – Bumped by Trinity Hall
With yesterday’s bump from Girton still fresh in our minds, we rowed down to the start optimistic that today would be different. Now only one position above sandwich boat, we were looking for a row over to keep our place in the first division. On the start line, we discovered that Trinity Hall, who were chasing us, were much fresher than anticipated after a no-show from Selwyn in the second division, however we were determined that this would not stop us from holding them off.

We had a good start to the race with lots of energy and quickly gained a whistle on Girton, who had bumped us the day before. It seems that we used up too much energy executing our start though and after a couple of minutes we lost our pace, allowing Trinity Hall to gain a whistle on us. After this they put in an admirable surge and managed to bump us on First Post corner. We know we gave it our all though and are hoping to get them back tomorrow!