Lent Bumps 2014 – Wednesday

M1 – Result to be decided by re-row on Thursday

Nerves were running high on the first day as M1 set off from the Boat House. We knew we should be able to catch St. Catharine’s in front of us, but the question was if we could do so before they hit Tit Hall. Rowing up to the start, our paddling was decent and we had a great start in front of the plough. We span, pulled in and got ready to race. Off the start, everything was pretty bumpy, but we held everything together and started moving up on Catz. A strong first post corner courtesy of Will saw us move up to a length. The gut flew by and further excellent work from Will saw us on the inside of the corner coming into Grassy. Up to half a length! But then disaster struck. A Tit Hall seat broke, they basically stopped dead, Catz slammed into them. Being so tight around the corner, we had no time to go wide, so Will made the call to hold it up to avoid slamming into the now stationary Catz at full pelt. Sadly this left us trapped and we had to sit there and watch Robinson row around us. Despite the fact that Robinson were a few lengths off us at the time, conflicting umpire reports resulted in the decision for us to re-row the next day with just Robinson chasing us, where we hoped to prove once and for all that we would have been able to row over safely!

W1 – Bumped by Lady Margaret

With this the first W1 division bumps for much of the crew, and last minute subs due to illness, W1 could have been forgiven their nerves as they rowed up to the marshalling spots. However if they were nervous it was not apparent from their rowing. A strong start meant they pulled away from LMBC, at least until the motorway bridge, from here however LMBC appeared to inexplicably catch up, gaining half a length by first post corner. At this point a lesser crew would have begun to give up, they would have accepted their fate passively, their spark would be extinguished. But NOT Kings W1! In scenes described by CamFM as “incredible”, W1 hung on, gritted their teeth and settled in for a tough fight (despite some dubious whistles from behind). At grassy corner a wide corner cost LMBC vital seconds and some excellent coxing from Phil (resplendent as ever) meant the gap opened up again. However with Murray Edwards’ crab killing any chance of them bumping LMBC, the women in red were able to really able to put some pressure on Kings. Our W1 had so nearly rounded the corner on to the reach (and relative safety) when LMBC gained to the point of overlap. A few vital seconds later their bow hit 7s blade and it was all over. However as they rowed back home, it was not a dispirited W1, but rather a motivated one, focussed on one thing – revenge.