Lent Bumps 2014 – Friday

W1 – Bumped by Peterhouse

So today was another funky one… We rowed down feeling ok about ourselves. We had been unlucky over the past couple of days with unfortunate incidents. We decided today was going to be different. Our practice starts were rapid, we were rating in the high thirties and were confident we would gain in the beginning and get the desired row over.
The canon went and we had an awesome start getting whistles on Murray Edwards. But as we were coming under the bridge, we were affected badly by the outflow and danger crabs flew here and there. We tried to get it back but alas it was not too be. Peterhouse seized our moment of flapping about to push onto us. In a muddle of confusion, we were bumped after first post. We rowed home in our usual majestic manner with the knowledge that its not our fault, it’s our parents… they gave us stumpy legs.

M1 – Frustrating row over

Having fought so hard for this starting position yesterday, we knew what we had to do: bump the Clare crew in front of us who had been hit by Catz yesterday. Sadly things did not go quite according to plan – a late crew change from Clare gave them a much stronger looking outfit who would be pushing to earn back the lost place from yesterday.

Off the start we were rowing as well as we had all week, hitting a decent speed and settling well onto a cruising rhythm. We knew that something was wrong somewhere when whistles from up ahead starting coming about 10 strokes in – Clare were eating into the advantage Catz had over them and Catz were closing equally quickly on Girton ahead of them. This was playing into our hands as Clare were right on top of Catz which would have left Girton as a very reachable overbump target for us, however coming into first post corner, disaster struck and Girton caught a boat-stopping crab, letting Catz plough into them and obstructing Clare behind that. As we had been in exactly the same position earlier in the week, we saw the decision as simple – rerow against Clare tomorrow so we could carry on climbing up the charts. Sadly the umpires saw this as an ideal situation in which to ignore the precedent they set earlier in the week and give Clare a technical rowover.

Shortly after racing past the pulled in crews, Robinson and Tit Hall bumped out behind, leaving nothing behind or in front of us so we cruised home from there, bemoaning another piece of incredibly bad luck that seems to have been following us around this week.