Lent Bumps 2013 – Friday

M1 – Bumped Magdalene I
Two quick bumps down, we were all looking forward to chasing Magdalene. Knowing that Emma had gained on them on Wednesday, and that we’d easily bumped Emma yesterday only served to spur us on. Our practice starts on the way down were perhaps not quite as good as yesterday’s, but still sharp and fast nonetheless. The crew was bursting with anticipation as we were pushed out though. From the gun the start was clean, but the rough water hit us fast. The explanation for this came as we quickly got our first whistle. Gaining quickly, we reached our top speed and held it well. Every stroke brought us closer to Magdalene’s stern. Two whistles. Roger started trying to call the distance, but it was diminishing too quickly. Continuous whistles. BUMP! We had hit them before we even hit the corner, and quickly went about clearing the river to watch a strong Selwyn crew chasing down Emma. Three bumps down, one day to go.

M2 – Bumped by Jesus III
The third day of Lent Bumps was certainly an eventful one for King’s II. After a well-earned day off on Thursday, the crew was raring to go. Unfortunately, Fletcher had not been feeling well for a couple of days and wasn’t fit to row today. Luckily, Rutger stepped in at the last moment, keen to show M2 he had not lost any of his rowing prowess after a term off. We knew this was going to be the toughest day so far. Chasing us were Jesus III, who had bumped on both previous days. Ahead were Churchill II. We came to the conclusion that today we had to give it everything off the start: bump or be bumped. Go hard or go home… After a slight delay due to an incident in the previous division, the cannon fired and the race began. We had a solid start, probably the best of the week. Jesus were quick too, taking the gap down to around a length as we passed under the bridge. Unfortunately, things deteriorated quite rapidly after that. A danger-crab meant that King’s lost a significant amount of boat speed. Jesus capitalised instantly, going from a length to a canvas in a matter of seconds. Becca desperately called for a lift but it wasn’t enough, and Jesus bumped the stern of our boat. However, this didn’t seem to be enough for Jesus, who continued rowing until they had a huge overlap; Becca was nearly hit by a Jesus oar before they held it up. Worse was to come: The collision between the two boats left King’s heading straight towards the bank, with Jesus pinning us in. The boat hit the bank and came to a very sudden halt. A broken bow, but our pride remains intact.