Lent Bumps 2013 – Wednesday

M1 – Bumped Selwyn I
After a comfortable row over at the head of division two, we were rewarded with the opportunity to bump back into division one. The four boats in front of us were likely to form a sandwich as the race progressed; therefore it was essential that we took out Selwyn as quickly as possible. The row down was calm – we all knew what we had to do and believed we could achieve it. As we were pushed out silence gripped us – square, locked, and buried in the water; ready. Gun. Our start saw us moving well, heading into the wash of the 17 boats ahead of us. As we exited the first corner, lining up for the motorway bridge, we got our first whistle. One length. Focusing on holding the finishes through, we held our speed through the rough water under the bridge and from the outflow. With the worst of the water behind us we made our move. We lifted up onto a rhythm that had us rapidly closing on Selwyn. Two whistles – Half a length. As we approached First Post Corner I became aware that Selwyn were closing on St Catz, who were closing on Emmanuel, who were also closing on Magdalene – it was going to be tight. Three whistles – A canvas. The Selwyn cox had taken a nice tight line into First Post Corner, so I took one even tighter – blades just brushing the bank. Continuous whistles – Overlap. On the apex of the corner our bow-ball was almost level with their seven-man and the bump was given. King’s were back in the First Division.

M2 – Rowed Over
After a swift bump on Day 1 of Lents, M2 was full of confidence for a Day 2 in blazing sunshine. Some first day nerves were provided by Becca however, who had taken back her place in the cox’s seat after Ivan’s stand-in, and some wiring problems which caused some alarming sounds from the coxbox, that unfortunately didn’t allow her lovely voice to reach the entire boat. A harder row was expected having FaT III in front, a worthier challenge than Girton II from the day before. Gunshot! After a slightly scrappy second draw stroke, seven strong winds allowed for a solid start, catching up with FaT III who had started quicker. The crew settled into a good rhythm, keeping pace although not continuing to gain on the opponents. Pushing hard the crew managed to sustain a distance of about a length and a half on FaT for the first half of the course. However, a while after the river had cleared up behind them, with Jesus III bumping Girton II behind, FaT III managed to pull away some lengths over the Plough Reach. Still going for the bump, the crew continued on rowing hard for the whole rest of the race, although FaT III was now out of reach.