Lent Bumps 2013 – Thursday

M1 – Bumped Emmanuel I
Right from the outset it felt like we were rowing well, a solid paddle to the marshalling area was followed by just about our best row down to the start which we have had. The practice starts were as near to perfect as we could realistically hope for, so we arrived at the start full of confidence that we could finish the job quickly. Unlike yesterday, today we had a crew chasing us, though we were fairly sure that Selwyn wouldn’t be giving us too much trouble from behind given that we bumped them yesterday. However, off the start they appeared to gain a little on us, though their whistles were very optimistic! Once we had completed our full start sequence, we were absolutely flying, and by the motorway bridge we were getting two whistles on Emmanuel ahead of us, and Selwyn had fallen way back behind us. It was far choppier than it had been yesterday, but we held it together well and powered through Emma’s wash to hit them just coming into first post corner. A very efficient bump today, and with Catz continuing to go up in front of us, there are plenty of slow crews being sent our way for the rest of the week.

M2 – Rest Day