Getting on Race – 22nd February 2013

M3 – 2nd fastest crew not to get on
This was it; one race to decide whether you have a future in bumps. Was M3 ready? The row up to the start saw some stylish steady state interspersed with enthusiastic high rate work. While marshalling, spirits were high. Songs were sung, speeches were made and the time had come. After winding before the start, M3 drifted across the line and found a composed rhythm. Occasionally, members of the crew got a little carried away and went searching for their own rhythm. Generally, it was a good looking row with at least most of the oars doing the same thing. When they crossed the line, some had even broken a sweat. But alas, later that evening it was announced that they had not made the cut. With more power and training, M3 could do well in Mays where they already have a secure position.

W2 – GOT ON!
Over the same course as Newnham Short Course we managed to improve our time by an impressive 16 seconds with a solid powerful row, which secured our place in the Lent Bumps. A steady controlled start set the pace for the rest of the course ending with a fantastic overtake on the reach as we powered past Hughes Hall II to the finish. A really pleasing row for all who took part and spectated, leaving everyone very excited for bumps. Especially good as W2 have not been on the Lent Bumps in years! Our next goal is to go up enough places to secure W2 a spot next year, and though this would mean going up about 8 places, we may as well aim high…

Crew Lists:
M3: [Bow] Stefan Weetman, [2] Phil Smith, [3] Ivan Tchernev, [4] Oisin Huhn, [5] James Temple, [6] Joe Gladstone, [7] Ed Bentley, [Stroke] Tom Waszkowycz, [Cox] Emma Sewart