Fairbairns 2009

Race Reports


W1 8+ (report by Sarah Williams)

Having made a few crew switches since the Winter Head, preparation for Fairbairns had been quite interrupted due to illness and various other things. Nevertheless, we were ready for it on the day and determined to do ourselves justice. We went off hard from the start, and made up ground on the LMBC crew ahead of us. We got to within a length by the end of the reach but then didn’t get any closer.  The response in the crew was greatly improved and we really gave it everything to the end. The final result wasn’t quite as good as we had hoped, but there’s lots to work on for next term!


WNov A 8+ (report by Alice Moore)

After freezing our socks off marshalling in the rain, singing to keep our spirits up, we made a reasonable start. Unfortunately, this was not to last. Very quickly a few killer crabs sent us hurtling into the bank. However, we managed to stay focussed and our second start was much better. Throughout the rest of the race everyone pulled out all the stops to make up for lost time and settled into a good rhythm. Urged on by an enthusiastic bank party, our motivational cox and the men’s novice crew, who’d waited for us at the boat house after their race that morning, we overcame the initial knock to our morale and put in some good effort. It’s a shame we were playing catch up for most of the race, there were moments of really nice rowing when we came together as a team.


Crew Lists

W1 8+: [Cox] Jenny Shaw, [Bow] Ariane Welch, [2] Helen Spriggs, [3] Nicola Runciman, [4] Fiammetta Luino, [5] Clare Kitteringham, [6] Georgia Clements, [7] Renate Fellinger, [Stroke] Sarah Williams.


Results Summary

Crew       Category       Time          Position
M1 Senior VIII 14:21.4 6th
W1 Senior VIII 17:19.2 14th
M2 Senior VIII 15:21.4 20th (3rd Second Boat)
MNov A Novice VIII 11:34.8 44th
MNov B Novice VIII 11:09.3 37th
WNov A Novice VIII 13:49.7 52nd