Emma Sprints Regatta – 18th November 2012

Round 1 – Beat Newnham WNov2 by 2 lengths
On the whole, Emma Sprints is supposed to be a mixture of crabbing and other such delights. Dressed as the Fellowship of the Ring with Gandalf steering at the helm, the girls pulled away quickly in their first race. An impressive irretrievable crab from our bow made it seem as though we were out of the race but incredibly they continued to pull away achieving a victory by at least two lengths!

Round 2 – Beat Christs WNov2 by 1 length

Semi-final – Beat Emma WNov2 by 1 1/2 lengths

Final – Lost to Selwyn WNov1 by 1 length
Our final race was against Selwyn Nov 1. We were side by side most of the way, with Kings about half a boat length ahead, and it looked as though we would win the tournament easily. However, in the last 10 strokes, we were robbed of our victory and our well-deserved prize due to an unfortunate collisionā€¦ An unlucky end to a fantastic days rowing, which really showed how good our girls were compared to other novices on the river.