Emma Sprints 2009

Race Report

WNov A 8+ (report by Elizabeth Lawn)

We set out for Emma Sprints in high spirits, dressed appropriately as a chocolate bar in purple t-shirts with C A D B U R Y ‘ S written on the backs, and D A I R Y M I L K across our fronts. In the first round, we came up against LMBC II, (who weren’t dressed up… poor effort). It was a windy day, and the marshall began the race very quickly before we were all ready for it, meaning that our start was very ragged indeed. Nevertheless, we’d picked it up and found a nice rhythm before long, and the first third of the race was very promising, although LMBC were long gone and we failed to sustain our rhythm towards the end. On the way back down we raced another "non-winner", which was Tit Hall, dressed as Dalmatians. After more warning and consequently a much better start, we found a nice rhythm off the wind and stuck to it, and, with some great motivation from our cox, and good support from the bank, managed to pull past Tit Hall despite a blade crash and take it home nice and comfortably for King’s. There were some really promising moments in both races and some good committment showed in the boat… it was a shame that we didn’t win the fancy dress competition! 

Results Summary

Crew Division Round Opposition Result
WNov A 1 1 LMBC Lost
    2 Trinity Hall Won

Crew List

WNov A: [Cox] Anne Pacita Boulton, [Bow] Alice Bishop, [2] Rachel Gaughan, [3] Alice Moore, [4] Ruth Strommen, [5] Lotte Cutts, [6] Sarah Hadman-Back, [7] Lizzie Lawn, [Stroke] Chloe Kroeter.

Race Photos