Committee 2018-2019

Men’s Captain Adam Townson (att28) and Alistair Goodman (ag941)
Women’s Captains Martha Crass (mmc64)
Men’s Vice-Captains Alp Shaw (was28) and Stan Szymanowicz (sks57)
Women’s Vice-Captains Emily Hillan (ejh90) and Frances Badcock (fjb43)
Secretary Ed Miller (ebmm3)
Junior Treasurer Steven George (srgai2)
Head Cox Izzy Hogan (ih329)
Social Secretaries Dylan Whitaker (dw515)
Equipment & Safety Officer Alex Murray (craj2)
Computer Officer Matthew Else (me390)
Alumni Association Secretary & Archivist Stephen Chen (sc2043)
Newsletter Editor Marie-Julie Cnuddle (imr28)
Steering Committee Liaison Officer Ellen Berry (eab71)

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