Clare Novice Regatta 2009

Race Report

WNov A 8+ (report by Anne Boulton)

The day of the Clare Novices Regatta was so cold that marshalling involved giving warm-up exercises over the cox-box! Consequently, spirits were high for our first race against Wolfson A. The crew made a quick, clean start in spite of the wind which had picked up and, settling into a decent rhythm, we soon began to pull away. Then, disaster struck and we began to drift with the wind towards the tow path race lane. It was a lot stronger than anticipated and, having not rowed in such conditions before, was difficult to recover. But the crew didn’t let it unsettle them and rowed through it, managing to get it back at the last second. And thanks to a sympathetic umpire we were given the victory that the girls very much deserved. Our second race was against Jesus A, in which our slightly less energetic start against the powerful first few strokes from Jesus put them ahead of us early on. The crew once again found a good rhythm and were making good use of all the weeks of training, but fatigue and a few crabs had sneaked in and try as we could, we couldn’t make up the distance. All in all, there were some really promising moments, as well as real team work and determination.

Results Summary

Crew Event Round Opposition Result
WNov A Women’s Cup 1 Wolfson A Won
    2 Jesus A Lost